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Media and Information Tools at OccupyBoston

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In the lead up to September 17th, I was skeptical about the possibility that Occupy Wall Street would be able to turn out significant numbers of people, let alone sustain a mobilization wave that continues to grow. As OWS enters its 25th day, it has spread around the country and around the world. Over the past week, I’ve taken three trips to Occupy Boston . My first visit was the day after the Right to the City Congress, the morning after the camp was set up. I talked with people and documented ICT and media tools and practices within the camp.

Last Wednesday, I went with all of the students from my Intro to Civic Media class, and asked them to do the same. Some excellent reflections on that trip are here. I took more pictures of media and information sharing practices, and they’re now on flickr – with descriptions, reflections, and other annotation – at

You can also find a space for shared, distributed research into OWS at More on that later.