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“Music is My Hot Hot: A Logic Model Analysis of ZUMIX”


For a recent Civic Media Lunch, we welcomed the co-founder and radio coordinator from ZUMIX, Madeleine Steczynski and Elena Botkin-Levy. ZUMIX is a twenty-year-old East Boston-based nonprofit that builds community through music and the arts. Their core constituency is low-income youth — picture a Boys and Girls Club filled with kids playing guitars and learning to use mixing boards…

As it happens, a week later, Sujata Singhal of the Harvard Graduate School of Education developed a logic model of ZUMIX for a GSE paper.

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Sujata writes:

As ZUMIX qualifies as a comprehensive community initiative, essentially one that aims to better the outcomes of urban youth (those from early to late adolescence), it warrants a detailed analysis of how the program works and why it works. Such an analysis can be a fruitful way to show the strengths and problematic linkages in the program. Surfacing strengths is important for the acquisition of funding and scaling possibilities; conversely, illuminating problematic linkages allows programs to be bettered.

In addition to the video excerpt above, you should watch the full version. There were too many great lessons to be condensed into a 4-minute clip.