Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Zuckerman and Center for Civic Media to be given Lewis Mumford Award

We're honored to hear from Dan Whittet that Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility have awarded our Center and director Ethan Zuckerman with a Lewis Mumford Award, specifically the Peace Award, for our work in global communications. ADPSR's press release:

Contact: Dan Whittet, 702 755 0240 Dan@ADPSR.ORG or Franziska Amacher fran@amacher- 617 354 8707.

Three organizations to be honored with Architects, Designers and Planners’ ( 2014 Lewis Mumford Awards Awards to be presented at Boston Greenfest on Aug 16, 2014

“Designing a better world involves more than bricks and mortar”

ADPSR recognizes social activists nationally for innovative work

The winners of its 20th annual Lewis Mumford Awards for outstanding contributions in areas that embrace ADPSR’s mission of world peace, protection of the environment, and socially responsible development are:

Form Builders for Mobile Data Collection

Over the last few months Civic has been developing a form builder for mobile data collection campaigns. The form builder is one component of Promise Tracker, a project we’ve been working on over the last year with the goal of creating a set of tools and processes that allow a community to identify issues they want to track, design and deploy mobile data collection campaigns around those issues, and strategically leverage data for advocacy. For background on the project, read Ethan’s post about Promise Tracker and Monitorial Citizenship and a post about our initial design workshops.

Lasers, Food & Data (Telling a Story About Food Security)

Can a vegetable tell a story about food access in Somerville?  Yep.

"70% of Somerville Public School students receive free or reduced lunch" - laser-cut onto a cucumber

“70% of Somerville Public School students receive free or reduced lunch” – laser-cut onto a cucumber

In public settings, it can be quite hard to get folks walking by interested in a data-driven argument about your cause.  We often argue that a creative data sculpture can grab their attention… like maybe a vegetable laser cut with some data about food security!

Gratitude and its Dangers in Social Technologies

How do our designs change when we start emphasizing people and community and not just the things they do for us? Over the next year of my research, I'm exploring acknowledgment and gratitude, basic parts of online relationships that designers often set aside to focus on the tasks people do online.

In May of last year, Wikipedia added a "thanks" feature to its history page, enabling readers to thank contributors for helpful edits on a topic:

Thanks on Wikipedia July 28-30, 2014

A Contributor Community Doing It Right

Around 2011, Geeks Without Bounds hosted its second Random Hacks of Kindness. Microsoft provided us space, East of Seattle, and I remember rolling in on my motorcycle to a set of bright-eyed gents who had come up from Portland. That morning. Rather than their pre-caffienated enthusiasm being annoying, it was utterly infectious. They helped carry things. They set things up, said hello to incoming people, and generally made my role of an organizer and facilitator leagues easier than it might have been. And then - they also knew how to code. Well. And to help others be amazing. I had just met Ben and Marlin.


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