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Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

FNCM conference plenary videos now available

Please to enjoy the visual fruits of last week's Future of News and Civic Media conference plenaries. Below--available for viewing, downloading, and reusing--are the three plenary videos...

Announcement of the 2010 Knight News Challenge winners

Available for download at MIT TechTV.

"Data into Action": Plenary from 2010 Future of News and Civic Media Conference


Our lives are increasingly mediated by computers and data – a shift that is becoming more and more natural to us. From to real-time municipal bus information, data in many forms from many sources is being made available and recombined in ways we could not have anticipated just ten years ago, when everyone used the phone book, and when restaurant and movie reviewers numbered in the tens not the tens of thousands.

Introductions and Announcement of 2010 Knight News Challenge Winners


The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation--sponsor of the MIT Center for Future Civic Media--in June 2010 announced their 2010 Knight News Challenge winners. Together, these winners form another ground-breaking, visionary class of civic media developers, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

This is video of the announcement by Knight Foundation president Alberto Ibargüen, as introduced by the Center's director Chris Csikszentmihályi. Please join us in congratulating the winners:

Reynolds Journalism Institute FTW!

Thanks to the organizers of Journalism That Matters: Detroit and Time Life for awarding Red Ink a grant to attend the Reynolds Journalism Institute in August for the Innovate100 pitch slam.

I'm going to use the opportunity to promote Red Ink, see what investors think of my crazy ideas, and try and improve Red Ink's messaging to general audiences.

Communicating the potential of Red Ink to serve communities has always been a big challenge. Because, just explaining what I'm doing, especially for people not familiar with the newest happenings in web based personal finance applications, can be a lot to wrap ones head around in a 2 minute conversation. It is also very challenging to reduce the idea to a short paragraph or few sentences without glossing over a lot of important details. I hope that attending this workshop will help me improve pitching Red Ink to audiences with short attention spans.


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