Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Communications Forum Video

Here's the video I promised of my talk at the Center for Future Civic Media Communications Forum. Next a more polished version of this same talk from my Media Lab Thesis Proposal Critique session from 11/16/09.

World Changing

Thanks to Ethan Zuckerman of Harvard's Berkman Center for live blogging the Communications Forum on his World Changing Blog. Pretty concise description of what I said, with the words all fancied up.

Center For Future Civic Media Communications Forum

Thursday (10/5/09) was the Center for Future Civic Media's Communications Forum, where sundry and varied researchers funded by "C4" got on stage for 5 minutes, talked about what their work, then got blow darted off stage by the Center's director.

There was a film crew from MIT World there, documenting the whole she-bang for all posterity, so video link coming soon.


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