Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Open Park Spring Internship

Open Park, a new project in collaborative digital media production of the Center for Future Civic Media, is now accepting applications for its Spring Semester Internship.

Are you a full-time student with a creative mind and cool concepts for re-creating collaboration? Do you have in mind an ideal model for digital news and media production? And would you like to work with your own team of collaborators on these ideas, all the while gaining great experience in an interestingly challenging and innovative environment, and a great portfolio to show off at the end? And for credit of course!..

If so, check our application requirements at:

Contact: Florence Gallez

Mobile Data Collection for Social Action

At the Innovations in Mobile Data Collection for Social Action in Iraq and the Middle East conference. We started off by asking questions about when and where mobile or distributed data can make a difference in a rapidly rotating roundtable. Projects I’ve learned about at and through the center were helpful here, but the experience [...]

Ron Steinman's strong stand against citizen journalism

Ron Steinman, NBC's Saigon bureau chief during the Vietnam War, the author of two books on the war, and now executive editor of The Digital Journalist, takes an unusually strong--some might say aggressively dismissive--stand against the rise of citizen journalism, particularly as use of volunteer reporters displaces professionals. "It is important that we defeat what appears to be a land grab by citizen journalists and blind accountants," Steinman writes, "or what they really are: untutored amateurs, the almost journalists of our modern age."

The gathering and presentation of news cannot live on desire alone. It cannot go forward without money and lots of it. It takes time and dedication to keep people informed. Journalists need training to succeed. Without training, and the high standards that training brings, something that the supporters of citizen journalism decry as hoary, there would be no journalism at all. In the end, someone has to pay the professionals for the work they do.


For all the hype, using citizen journalists is an excuse by the bean counters at publications to lower costs. By putting costs over content, the accountants lower standards. This saves an enormous amount of money it would have to spend on those who normally collect news. In reality, accountants really do not know better.

Read and comment on the full post at The Digital Journalist.

C4FCM heading to Amman for "Mobile Data Collection for Social Action" workshop

Just got word from Chris that Jeff Warren (Newsflow/Cartagen, Josh Levinger (VirtualGaza), and Nadav Aharony (Comm.unity) are headed to Amman, Jordan, for an amazing workshop hosted by UNICEF Innovation and our friends at Mobile Active.

It's called "Innovations in Mobile Data Collection for Social Action in the Middle East". Snips from the registration site:

UNICEF Innovation and invite you to attend a three-day workshop on distributed and real-time data collection, monitoring, and visualization of data with mobile technology.

What is this About?

Inside the Computer Clubhouse (Part Three of Three)

Would it be possible to do what the Computer Clubhouses do in the context of more formalized educational structures? Why or why not?

YASMIN: We have many examples of schools that adopt the premise of self-directed work for students who with assistance of teachers and other peers dig deeply into projects rather than to follow textbooks. Schools and classrooms like these think about themselves as communities of learners rather than as a collection of individuals. Examples are the recently opened "Quest to Learn" school in New York City; here in Philadelphia, I know of the Science Leadership Academy.


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