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Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

'Groping' tickles

Civic media is serious business. Do we need a little more levity?

New Media can learn a lot from Old Media about taking ourselves too seriously, a trick that YouTube certainly has caught onto and turned into a franchise.

Former newspaper humor columnist Susan Trausch defies her reader to resist laughing aloud in her new book, entitled Groping Toward Whatever -or- How I Learned to Retire [SORT OF], which is about being thrust into early retirement at age 59 after accepting a buyout from the Boston Globe, where she was a Washington reporter, business reporter and editorial reporter. Serious stuff, eh?

This Week in Civic Media 10.01.10: Job openings, Info session for Knight News Challenge


Knight News Challenge

Job opening: Assessment Researcher

Assessment Researcher

Apply online at MIT Staffing Services:

ASSESSMENT RESEARCHER, Comparative Media Studies, to assess and evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the research projects developed and deployed by MIT's Center for Future Civic Media. Will design and implement center-wide systems to measure the social and technological impact of the tools, applications, and practices developed and identified by the center; analyze and summarize research findings; identify best practices; advise principal investigators on center strategic planning, improvement, and new investment opportunities; and keep PIs apprised of new developments in the assessment and evaluation field and pioneer new standards and methods that impact the field. Will work under the supervision of the principal investigators.

Avatar Activism and Beyond

A few weeks ago, I published an op-ed piece in Le Monde Diplomatique about what I am calling "Avatar Activism."

Job opening: Center's "Voip Drual" project is looking for a developer

The MIT Center for Future Civic Media is hiring an experienced Drupal developer to work part-time as a contractor on the Voip Drupal platform.

Voip Drupal is a novel open source platform that makes it easier for Drupal developers to build websites that literally make and receive phone calls. In particular, Voip Drupal provides a common API and scripting system that interoperate with existing VoIP PBX implementations (Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Twilio, etc) providing Drupal users with the ability to, among other things:

  • Broadcast text and audio announcements to specific groups or locations;
  • Organize interactive phone polls;
  • Record stories;
  • Access and share information about relevant people, places and events.

We have already implemented an initial version of the call-handling and dialplan-scripting systems, and are planning to release the alpha version of the API in the next couple of weeks.

We are looking for experienced Drupal developers to work with us 20 hrs/week in the implementation of modules to provide voicemail, audio recording, extensions management, and general messaging capabilities.


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