Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

World Changing

Thanks to Ethan Zuckerman of Harvard's Berkman Center for live blogging the Communications Forum on his World Changing Blog. Pretty concise description of what I said, with the words all fancied up.

Center For Future Civic Media Communications Forum

Thursday (10/5/09) was the Center for Future Civic Media's Communications Forum, where sundry and varied researchers funded by "C4" got on stage for 5 minutes, talked about what their work, then got blow darted off stage by the Center's director.

There was a film crew from MIT World there, documenting the whole she-bang for all posterity, so video link coming soon.

Thesis Proposal Critique

I gave a presentation on my thesis today to the entire Media Lab (eek!) I think it went well. There was lots of good questions from my critics and readers (thank you!). I'll try to summarize:

1) David Reed seemed to think that the financial data would be self-reported by the users. Not true! Expensify grabs the transaction data directly from the banks and we do the filtering. We get direct access to the whole raw feed.

2) Sandy Pentland wanted to know why we didn't just ask for all of the data then parse out what we need after the fact. Maybe some campaigns will ask for this, but I think it would be a major hurdle for most people for adoption. My mom would be very uncomfortable giving access to all her data, especially without any constraints on what I could look at or do with it.

3) Henry Holtzmann suggested we try to aggregate as much data together as possible, even across campaigns that were not related. I tried to defend why I thought that would also be an inappropriate invasion of privacy, but outlined some scenarios were campaigns that made their data public could do something like that.

Balloon Boys

Helping Jeff with his experiments in low cost aerial photography. More pictures on Christina’s Flickr page. Balloon Inflation Jeff Attaching the Payload Liftoff Walking down the Charles MIT Suspenders The somewhat finished product

Communications Forum: "What's New at the Center for Future Civic Media"

MIT Center for Future Civic Media Director Chris Csikszentmihalyi presents the Center's most recent projects. From community mapping to news tracking, from collective action to rural empowerment, from cultural mixing to carbon consciousness, civic media is any technology or technique that strengthens a geographic community. Civic media researchers will demonstrate their projects in a lightning-round format, with time for discussion and questions following each presentation listed below.

Presentations include:


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