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Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Birthright to Boycott

Crossposted from Mondoweiss: A recent post by Adam Horowitz asked what it will take for liberal Zionists to come around and support a boycott. My mind was changed by going to Israel on a Birthright trip and seeing firsthand the effects of the wall and checkpoints. However, I doubt that a full scale boycott of [...]

The Future of Teenagers: My Interview in O Globo

Here is the interview I did with Bruno Porto of O Globo, a publication targeting youth, during my time in Rio. The newspaper devoted three full pages to this interview which was prominent on its cover and I heard lots of great responses to it as I traveled around the country. I suspect what will be striking to readers in the United States is how much the questions being asked there by parents, teachers, and others about new media are very much those being asked in our own country. For those who prefer to read this in Portuguese, here's the link.

What´s the main difference between the teenagers that lived in 2000 and the ones that live nowadays? Do you see them as completely different beings or the prior generation already had cultural elements that are present in the next one?

Call for Papers: Transformative Works and Fan Activism

My team at USC is partnering with the fine folks at Transformative Works and Culture to put together a special issue dealing with our current research focus -- how we can forge a bridge between participatory culture and civic engagement. Here are the particulars. I am hoping some of you out there are either doing work on this topic or have graduate students who are and might be looking for a common space to publish your work. I am going to be speaking more around these topics at the Fiske Matters Conference and the Games Learning and Society conference this coming week, both in Madison, Wisconsin. Looking forward to seeing some of you there. If you read the blog, be sure to introduce yourself to me. I like meeting people who read -- especially at academic conferences. :-)

Transformative Works and Fan Activism

March 2012

Edited by Henry Jenkins and Sangita Shresthova, University of Southern California

This Week in Civic Media 06.04.10: Commencement at MIT

Happy Commencement to MIT'ers! But despite the chaos on campus, This Week in Civic Media goes on...

From the Center and Friends

  • "Finding a better way to bridge the digital divide" from the Christian Science Monitor, quoting our director @csik
  • Oakland Local covers high-profile trial with @Placeblogger Angel Fund support
  • "New Media Should Dig into Issues Around Cyber-Security": Aaron Presnall at @pbsmediashift
  • The Mediavore's Dilemma: Making Sustainable Media Choices via @pbsmediashift
  • "Hacks and Hackers: The Time Was Right": Rich Gordon at @pbsmediashift
  • Record, edit, and publish audio stories with your iPhone via @mobileactive

"The B.P. Oil Spill"

This Week in Civic Media 05.28.10: Gulf spill photos; FCC's authority over broadband; GOP's savvy outreach

Gulf Oil Spill

  • @CrisisMappers: CM*Net Webcast: Grassroots Mapping Gulf #OilSpill w Balloons & Kites! w Jeffrey Warren
  • B.P. on the hook for $10b in civil penalties--though would take years to collect
  • Boston Globe runs photo of #oilspill taken by our Jeff Warren during a #grassrootsmapping trip
  • @BPGlobalPR: Negative people view the ocean as half empty of oil. We are dedicated to making it half full. Stay positive America!

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