Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

This Week in Civic Media 04.30.10: MITNews up for a Webby; Marianna Leavy-Sperounis video on Lawrence, Mass.

MIT News

  • Yo! Vote up the MIT News Office for a Webby Award for best university website (It's already in the lead!)

From friends of the Center

Law, Privacy, and Copyright

Henry Jenkins' farewell

For those of us who miss Henry Jenkins' familiar figure around the MIT campus, last night's Farewell at the MIT Communications Forum was a delight. For those of you who missed it you'll just have to wait until the audio and video appear on the Communications Forum website. It's worth seeing.

The audience reception was the closest thing I've seen to a standing ovation at an MIT talk. Most MIT audiences can't stand up since they have laptops on their laps. Happy trails, Henry!

Chris Csikszentmihályi moderates "Using the Web to Connect Your Community and Encourage Civic Engagement"

Recorded by Cambridge Community Television...

NeighborMedia Presents: From the Net to Your Neighborhood Panel Discussion

Whether you want to raise awareness about an important local issue or gather people for a community event, you can make use of web tools that are inexpensive and often easy to use, to organize those in your community. We’ll cover strategic uses of blogging, web video, social networking, web sites, and more. Come learn how six Cambridge individuals have used these tools for positive change in their communities and organizations, and how you can too!

Panelists Include:

AT PBS IDEALAB: Helium Balloons with Digital Cameras Create Grassroots Maps

The latest C4FCM post from the Idea Lab blog:

NuVu Boston harbor flight

I'm getting ready for day five of a two-week workshop for high schoolers at Beaver Country Day School in a suburb of Boston. The subject is my project, Grassroots Mapping, which helps teach people -- often young people -- around the world how to be activist cartographers and how to make their own maps. There's a twist, however: Instead of just marking a Google Map, or walking around with a GPS tracker, we construct simple capsules to hold a cheap digital camera, and send the whole package up on a helium balloon or a kite.

News Challenge winner "MediaBugs" unveils beta to track news errors

We're stoked to hear our friend Scott Rosenberg and his colleagues have unveiled MediaBugs, a Knight News Challenge-funded project. The MediaBugs idea is simple: take the bug-tracking methodology used by software developers and apply it to reporting.

MediaBugs is one of those unique developments of the Internet age: in the past, you simply couldn't update an article that was already out there in the world. The error was permanent, save for a tiny "we regret the error" update in the next day's newspaper.


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