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Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

This Week in Civic Media: Cronicas receives its 1,000th report

Cronicas de Heroes

From the Center: "Cronicas de Heroes"

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Join us as a community partner

The MIT Center for Civic Media designs tailored civic media tools and jointly develops them with communities like yours. We want to showcase the possibilities for community-wide empowerment, so we are looking to partner with activists and non-profit organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

What you get
As a community partner, you will receive free open-source resources and technical support to address your most pressing civic media issues, whether it’s how to highlight local business, ways to engage kids in local issues, or even something seemingly too daunting for mere technology. You can be an early adopter of tools to support and foster local civic media and community action.

Kidding Around

The Center for Civic Media showcased its playful side last Friday when it hosted Google’s Computing and Programming Experience (CAPE) program.

Through the CAPE program, 10 local rising 8th graders (five boys and five girls) experience daily life at the Google offices in Kendall Square. Immersed and exposed to the amazing variety of computer science applications at work there, the program reveals how computer science impacts society and culture everyday.

Part of the CAPE program involves visiting local businesses and research facilities to expose the students to the diverse opportunities they have to apply a computer science education. Their visit to the Media Lab included a general tour and time interacting with various Center projects.

Students hailing from the Dorchester neighborhood were interested in the My Dot Tour project introduced by Rahul Bhargava. As one student noted, “it is a great way for people from Dorchester who don’t live there anymore to be able to share their stories and experiences, too.”

Voices from Hyperpublic: 12 short video interviews with participants of the symposium.

Some weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Hyperpublic symposium hosted by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, and assumed the challenge, together with other interns at the Youth and Media (YAM) Lab, of documenting the event with different media such as photographs, videos, mind maps, and tweets. The symposium helped us to understand in a more complex way, how privacy and public space are being re-designed in our digital networked society. The diversity of voices and points of view demonstrated that the rapid changes we are experimenting as society are better understood when we create a dialogue between different disciplines and bring together different perspectives. It is precisely that variety of points of view what we tried to capture when we were documenting the symposium.


Permanent reunion: How can the civic media community collaborate throughout the year?

This June's Civic Media Conference was described in glowing terms by so many of you who attended, but no term was as oft-repeated -- and to me, as heartwarming and frustrating -- as the word "reunion".

Why would a reunion be heartwarming and frustrating, assuming you're not meeting your high school sweetheart? Well, we love it that so many past attendees are able to get together again, collaborate again, have a few drinks again. But we hate it that we haven't found a way to keep attendees together, collaborating, and socializing throughout the rest of the year.

That is, in the word "reunion" is an implication that we've been apart.

So I wrote to our 200+ attendees and asked a simple question: how can we better collaborate in person throughout the year? In fact, what already works well in your organization, your community, and your neighborhood?

We got some great responses and want your thoughts in the comment field below:

I would suggest creating a think tank of sorts, a place that people can post their ideas, thoughts, etc, in a casual way so we can share our musings.


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