Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

The Week in Civic Media: Mimi Ito, this Wednesday

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Mapping Media Ecosystems
Hal Roberts, Erhardt Graeff, and Gilad Lotan


Panorama de medios en Costa Rica

Costa Rica puede ser un reflejo, un microcosmo, de lo que acontece en forma global con respecto a los medios de comunicación, el periodismo, la libertad de expresión, y la democracia. Siempre contiene sus idiosincracias internas, pero en el escenario globalizado, ocurren patrones que se repiten alrededor del mundo.

Por ejemplo, el dueño de uno de los canales de televisión (Repretel Canal 6) y estación de radio (Monumental) más populares en el país, es también dueño de otros dos canales de tele, y doce estaciones de radio, además de 30 canales de tele y 70 de radio en toda América Latina. Ángel González, mexicano, podría decirse que es una versión miniatura de Rupert Murdoch: extranjero, dueño de una conglomeración de medios en muchos países, capitalista de la información.

Visual Approaches to Illustrating the Field of Co-Design

Together with Sasha Costanza-Chock and Molly Sauter, I'm planning to make a visual map of co-design. Thus far, this has involved learning about co-design, meeting co-designers in the UK, and familiarising myself with theories of co-design.

Now that the field is coming into focus for me, I'm starting to make decisions about what things to include, and what visual approaches to take. Here are some of my initial thoughts.

I think that a timeline will be very helpful in the upcoming class Sasha is teaching on co-design. Timelines are very good at setting something in context, showing how a trend develops over time, and presenting a pile of names and examples in a narrative (see the Design History Timeline as an example).

Project Update: News Sources

I recently undertook the task of comparing leading independent online news sources for the Central, Eastern, Western, and Southern regions of Ukraine. My overall goal was to get a better sense of the political orientations of these websites, their readership and their content, as well as gauge the inclusivity of voices. At the same time, I was also looking for material related to ICTs in Ukraine. In the interest of time, I'll briefly discuss some findings on two sites: Ukrajins'ka Pravda and Ostrov.

Project Update: Pushing the Limits

This a collaborative post on the project Ricarose Roque and I have been working on:

Interview Protocol for Moderators
To understand the perspective of community moderators, which includes a full-time online community coordinator, we plan to interview one or two members of the moderation team. We frame our interview questions using our project’s three research questions (listed below). To make our conversations concrete, we plan to ask moderators to identify two-to-three examples of particularly challenging scenarios of moderation specifically around civic engagement of Scratch community members. Below is our interview protocol for moderators organized around background questions, specific examples, and looking ahead.

Research Questions for the Interview


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