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Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Inside/Out: Roundup of Notes from #MediaLabIO

Over the last two days, Ethan and I took notes from the Media Lab's Spring Event: Inside/Out, while Matt Stempeck led the Google Jockey team together with Joi Ito, Shahar Ronen, Misha Sra, and Arlene Ducao. It you took photos, please add them to the #MediaLabIO pool.

IO Body: Session Seven at #MediaLabIO

The seventh and final session of #MediaLabIO was on the theme of IO: Body. Here are the livenotes, created by me and Ethan Zuckerman.

  • Synthetic Organisms–Joseph Jacobson
  • Being Bionic–Hugh Herr
  • Fabricating Nature–Neri Oxman
  • Cell Constructions–Craig Venter
  • Conversation: Paola Antonelli and Craig Venter

John Hockenberry reviews our trajectory thus far - from biological communities and the lessons we might learn from them, to the intricacies of brain science. Now we find ourselves discussing life itself and the idea that life contains design principles we might learn from. To get us in the mood, Hockenberry introduces us to the idea of biomimicry by showing the front end of famous automobiles and their resemblance to his facial expressions. The Media Lab City Car, which folds to fit in small spaces, inspires him to scrunch up his face.

John announces the results of the Media Lab’s Facebook competition, asking participants to identify four mystery objects. The lab is sending Media Lab swag to the winners.

Mind: Session Six at #MediaLabIO

John Hockenberry introduces the Google Jockey team, a group of five people who are creating a livestream of google searches and links from twitter during the talks. To participate, tweet a link to #MediaLabIO, and follow along with the livestream.

Community and Nature: Session Five at #MediaLabIO

  • Design and Humanism–John Maeda
  • Oversimplified–Cesar Hidalgo
  • A Language for Community Computing–Sep Kamvar
  • Social Madness–Reid Hoffman
  • Conversation: John Maeda, Sep Kamvar, Cesar Hidalgo, Reid Hoffman

Uniqueness, Impact, Magic: Session Four at #MediaLabIO

(Ethan and I are liveblogging #MediaLabIO sessions together this week. Here is the latest.)

In the final session of the first day of the Media Lab's spring meeting, Lab director Joi Ito introduced the council of advisors that are helping him shape his thinking about the Media Lab as the new director. Before bringing the advisors to the stage, Joi asked, "What matters most to us as a community?" The community is a thing with concentric rings, it's a pretty vague word. In the narrow circle of faculty meetings, the Media Lab faculty came to a rough agreement about what makes the Lab special. The answer was "Uniqueness, Impact, and Magic". At the Media Lab, Joi tells us, we're really good at uniqueness and magic, and we're pretty good at impact, but I think it's an area where we can improve.


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