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Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

ROFLCon Keynote: Jonathan Zittrain on Memes and Society

Today with Matt Stempeck and Stephen Suen, I'm liveblogging ROFLCon, a conference for things and people who are famous on the Internet. The livenote index is here.

Christina Xu, event organiser, starts off ROFLCon to cheers. It’s amazingly packed venue: “One out of eight people in this room have done something crazy on the internet."

Jonathan Zittrain

Jonathan Zittrain is a Internet phenomenon. Emerging from humble beginnings as a longtime Compuserve forum sysop, he is now Professor of Law at Harvard Law School where he co-founded the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

The Weapon We Have Is Love: Andrew Slack on Fan Activism

Today at the Center for Civic Media, our guest is Andrew Slack of the Harry Potter Alliance, which he cofounded with Wizard Rock Band Harry and the Potters. Andrew is a transmedia activist (TEDx talk here) who helps fan communities organise for social change. Recently, Andrew helped launch the Hunger Is Not a Game campaign with Oxfam America, which recently attracted legal action by Lionsgate.

(today's blog post was written collaboratively with Becky Hurwitz and Matt Stempeck)

Inside/Out: Roundup of Notes from #MediaLabIO

Over the last two days, Ethan and I took notes from the Media Lab's Spring Event: Inside/Out, while Matt Stempeck led the Google Jockey team together with Joi Ito, Shahar Ronen, Misha Sra, and Arlene Ducao. It you took photos, please add them to the #MediaLabIO pool.


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