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Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Are open education resources essential to a future of technically-empowered citizens?

Ethan Zuckerman introduces Andrew Rens as "the sort of feral lawyer" he enjoys hanging out with, an intellectual property activist, legal scholar, lead legal counsel for Creative Commons South Africa, and involved in Africa Commons and Freedom to Innovate. If it has involved open source and fighting against intellectual property restrictions in an African context, he has been involved.

His work at the moment is focused on open educational resources, a compelling field, not just because it's incredibly important for people's education, but also because for people involved in the open copyright fight, it's one of the most winnable battles.

UROP position available with AAGO, "Mobile Media Diaries for Youth Citizen Journalists"

Are you an MIT undergrad with a coding background and interest in media? Check out this great opportunity with the AAGO project:

UROP Positions: MIT Center for Civic Media and the Comparative Media Studies Program
Faculty Supervisor: Prof. James Paradis

Project Title:
Aago: Mobile Media Diaries for Youth Citizen Journalists


Lawrence Lessig Needs Your Help Awakening a Sleeping Giant

Lawrence Lessig sees the American people, enthroned as sovereign of the nation by the United States Constitution, as a sleeping giant. It's OK to sleep; in general, we'd all rather focus on things other than politics. But there are times when our political system is so broken, we must awaken and flex the powers granted to us by our Constitution. Lessig argues that now is one of those times.

Republic, Lost

What goes into, comes out of my brain?

Last Wednesday, immediately prior to attending an event on media diets, we presented a week's compilation of our own media diets. The day's scheduled events were rather meta with regards to conscious information consumption, and this turned out to be, in many ways, a theme of my diet.

Not counting this assignment, other meta media experiences included:

Is Celebrity News like Pizza Dipped In Honey? Media Health and Information Diets


Is there a media obesity problem in America? Is our appetite for tasty celebrity news and comfortable opinions creating a toxically-polarised society? What should our information diet be, and how would we measure it? Who's responsible to change the media?


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