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Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Vaclav Havel's rhetoric, billionaires, and the 99%

Everything for me this week is relating to the late Vaclav Havel, and this "imbeciles" story makes me think of Havel's 1965 speech/article "On Evasive Thinking".

He opens with an episode from earlier that year when a girl was crushed by a stone window ledge that fell after the state failed to maintain it. Havel tells how the state acknowledged the issue and abstractly promised that things would get better. He tells how spineless writers wrote how wonderful it is that their society was now open enough for criticism.

As in…

A girl being crushed resulted in praise for the very gov't that allowed her to be crushed, because the writers were too chicken to ask the primary question, "Dear gov't, why do our window ledges fall?"

Job opportunity with us: Community Organizer/Codesign Facilitator

The Center for Civic Media has opened its search for a community organizer/codesign facilitator. We hope you'll spread the word to qualified candidates on the hunt for a great opportunity...

The description is below, with application procedures on the MIT employment site.

Regan St. Pierre, our community outreach manager who recently accepted a new position, is so irreplaceable that we tweaked the job. The focus is now explicitly on codesign. It's an acknowledgment -- long implied by our mission but now far more prominent given the ethos of Prof. Costanza-Chock -- that our research and tools cannot be developed purely 'in the lab' at MIT, followed by a search for a community 'testbed.' Rather, we hope to develop new tools and platforms through collaborative design, iterative testing, and measures of success that are shared with community partners, from start to finish.

How does that sound to you?

CRONICAS DE HEROES 1st Anniversary

CRÓNICAS DE HÉROES -an implementation in México of Hero Reports- celebrates today, DEC. 20 2011, its first anniversary.
Yesica Guera, the Director of the initiative as well as the team behind of CRÓNICAS DE HÉROES in Mexico would like to thank all of those who have supported us during the past year and would like to give a general overview of what has been accomplished and where we stand.

The team of CRÓNICAS DE HÉROES has been quite busy for the past twelve months:

Proyecto final: La posibilidad de medios libres en Costa Rica

Con este proyecto, intente aplicar algunas de las teorías y conceptos que vimos en nuestra clase de medios cívicos al contexto de Costa Rica. No es una investigación rigurosa que quiere sacar conclusiones específicas sobre las observaciones, sino más bien, quiere ser una mirada general para poder ejemplificar un poco cómo es que se han ido usando las diferentes comunicaciones en mi país. Al mismo tiempo, como yo también trabajo en un medio en Costa Rica (Amauta) y mantengo conexiones con algunos de los medios que examinamos, la investigación en cierta medida ha sido introspectiva, convirtiéndome también en sujeto del estudio. Así, soy otra voz más opinando sobre el panorama, y en ningún momento intento ser objetivo.


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