Recent news from the Center for Civic Media | MIT Center for Civic Media

Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Knight News Challenge Winners:, Behavio, PeepolTV,, TOR

Today, the Knight Foundation announced winners of the latest Knight News Challenge, which was focused on on Networks.

New Knight Prototype Fund to Fund 50-60 Projects in Journalism Innovation

Knight Prototype Fund

The Knight foundation has just launched a prototype fund (Knight Challenge prototype fund), in an attempt to shorten the pace of grantmaking. The prototype fund takes 60 to 120 days and offers less than $50,000 dollars to help groups take an idea into prototype. The goal is to create a more iterative, innovative approach, funding 50-60 projects. The Jefferson Institute has received one of these grants to explore their Patchwork Nation data. University of Nebraska's drone journalism program has also received prototype funds.

Michael Maness and Joi Ito spoke to Elise Hu about Knight's vision for this fund.

Eilse Hu (@elisewho): How have you sought to innovate in this space?

Extreme Data/Extreme Story: Liveblog from the 2012 MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference

The Extreme Data and Storytelling plenary session showcases people who are out on the frontiers of storytelling, and who are analyzing and presenting data to make sense of large-scale, complex human issues. They include a scientist using data to unpack the mysteries of economic development, a cartographer working to make poetic, public visualizations of place and a storyteller who's going to amazing lengths to tell the story of human migration. How do you map the world in ways that people can make sense of? Data visualization for legibility is one thing but visualization is also a form of poetry. How do you create images that stay with us for a long time?


What stories do data tell?

Watch live streaming video from knightfoundation at

What stories do data tell?

As media makers and members of the public, we increasingly have access to rich data sets that contain information about our communities, our politics and our government. Our panelists explore their strategies for finding and sharing stories embedded within sets of data.

Was Kony 2012 okay in seizing attention for a cause?


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