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Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

What goes into, comes out of my brain?

Last Wednesday, immediately prior to attending an event on media diets, we presented a week's compilation of our own media diets. The day's scheduled events were rather meta with regards to conscious information consumption, and this turned out to be, in many ways, a theme of my diet.

Not counting this assignment, other meta media experiences included:

Is Celebrity News like Pizza Dipped In Honey? Media Health and Information Diets


Is there a media obesity problem in America? Is our appetite for tasty celebrity news and comfortable opinions creating a toxically-polarised society? What should our information diet be, and how would we measure it? Who's responsible to change the media?

Design, Hack, Ship: How Facebook Designs Products

Today, Tom Stocky visited the Media Lab to talk about how Facebook designs and builds products. He's a Media Lab graduate and the director of product management at Facebook. He shared five principles for great design: start with people; hack and share; solve the root cause; keep it simple; and be bold.

Tom started out by encouraging us to start with people, to build social systems with people at the center. He showed us a network diagram by the Dachis Group's social business design team. He wanted to differentiate what Facebook does from that model. Instead of thinking about systems, he encouraged us to start with people's experience in the real world and then design a product around that, with people at the center.

Otto Santa Ana: TV News is "a One-A-Day Hegemonic Vitamin" that naturalizes myths

Live notes from Otto Santa Ana's talk "Contemporary Network Television News Reporting About Latinos: Successes, Failures, and a Range of Proposals to Correct Its Limitations." All errors by natematias and schock.

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