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Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Civic media: a new approach for a new democracy?

My name is Marco Bani and I’m a visiting student here at Center for civic media for this semester. My home country is Italy, where I’m a Ph.D candidate in Politics, Human Rights and Sustainability at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, in Pisa, the city of the most famous tower, where I have also the honor and the duty to be a city councillor. I think there is no place in the world that can earn the title of "living oxymoron" more than Italy.
A land of great artists and great history, but unfortunately blocked by rusty mechanisms now welded in society.
Here, like in other countries in the world, politics alone is not able to give a jolt, hampered by the continuous need for consensus that paralyzes every decision made for a more distant future.
To get a better politics is therefore needed a new society, a social awakening by citizens, where everyone has the power and the duty to be a positive example for others, as my compatriot Machiavelli said many centuries ago:

Look Who's Talking: Non-Profit Newsmakers in the New Media Age

Liveblog of the first Media Lab Conversations event of the semester, with help from Nathan Matias and Molly Sauter. You can view tweets from this event here.

“We’re a nonprofit, and we’re moving into the media business.”

Carroll Bogert (@carrollbogert) is the Deputy Executive Director for External Relations at Human Rights Watch. She also spent more than a decade as a reporter, bureau chief and editor of international news at Newsweek. Since 1978, Human Rights Watch (HRW) is one of the leading human rights organizations.

Critical and Iterative aspects of Civic Media

Hi Sasha, Becky, Class, and World,

My name's Arlene Ducao. I'm a second year Media Lab student in the Info Eco ( group. I'm looking forward to participating in the class in some way, particularly in the civic maps session; maps are at the central part of my thesis OpenIR ( and my Brooklyn design studio ( I will conduct OpenIR user studies in Indonesia in January, and I'm hoping this class will give me a broad understanding of Civic Media in preparation for the study.

Introducing Myself!

Hello everyone, my name is Kyle Yuan! I am a freshman here at MIT and Intro to Civic Media is my first HASS class of my college career. I had originally signed up for a different course, but due to a scheduling conflict, I added CMS.360 last week, so I did not attend the first meeting of the year. However, I am very interested in medical journalism and I aspire to be the next Sanjay Gupta, who is my idol in every way! In all seriousness though, Civic Media is essential and generally ubiquitous; we need it to become a well-informed populace, and it is everywhere we look (except in North Korea)! Since I did not attend the first class, I have a relatively uninformed opinion of the 10 points workshop. Based on what I can garner from the completed list however, I generally agree with everything that's on the list. Hive mind for the win!

Civic Media encompasses a huge breadth of knowledge and definition, but there are a few core aspects that aid in elucidating its definition:

Intro to Civic Media - course kickoff + first assignment

Last week was the first meeting of CMS.360/860: Introduction to Civic Media. This is the second time I'm teaching the course, this year with Becky Hurwitz on board as TA. We've been revising the syllabus, based on a combination of feedback from last year's students, a massive sticky-note brainstorm by the incoming class, new developments in the field, the wisdom of crowds, and whimsy. You can take a look at the syllabus here:


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