Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Freed From Pop-Up Ads, Can the Boston Globe Succeed Online?

Today's Civic lunch featured the digital team from the Boston Globe, led by Jeff Moriarty, VP of Digital Products. He was joined by Chris Marstall, Marck Chang, and Grace Woo. They've just launched a new standalone site for the Globe, spinning off from the portal and its ubiquitous popup ads. It's not a redesign -- they got to design a newspaper site from scratch in the year 2011, and the benefits of having a blank slate are evident in their award-winning design (here's more background on that design from some of its designers).

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Designing for Remix: Andres Monroy-Hernandez at the Berkman Center

Todays Berkman Lunch was on "Designing for Remix: Computer-supported Social Creativity" by Andres Monroy-Hernandez. Andres, who is a PhD candidate at the Media Lab, designed the Scratch community online and now splits his time between the Berkman Center and Microsoft Research. Since I recently helped start a creative writing centre in London, I was very keen to see how Andres worked to build community among creative learners online.

I first learned Scratch during a class on creative learning with Mitch Resnick, Sherry Turkle, and Karen Brennan. I also conducted a short ethnography on what happens on Scratch when learners get stuck. One possible strategy for getting unstuck involves looking at and modifying others' projects from the Scratch website. So I was excited to learn more from Andres about the values and practices of the Scratch community, as well as the design principles which support them.

The Front Line of the US Censorship Battle is Behind Bars

In our ongoing quest to trace the outline of the phrase "civic media," we began the Center for Civic Media's 2012 lunch series with Paul Wright, Editor and Cofounder of Prison Legal News, and executive director of the Human Rights Defense Center, the non-profit umbrella which publishes PLN.

The Week in Civic Media: Thursday Lunch with "Prison Legal News"

If you follow news about prisoner rights, court rulings and other news about prison issues, join us for this week's Civic Lunch...

Free Civic Lunch This Week

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And more civic media news this week...

"Nutrition Labels for News"

Solitude on the Web


In Defense of Wikipedia: The Theory of Change Behind Website Shutdowns

There's probably a good reason that anything popular runs into a backlash, and it's probably related to evolution. Whether it's liking a popular band or enjoying yoga, it might be good for our survival that we never all want to be in the same boat, no matter how great a boat it is. But just because it's inevitable doesn't make it right. Half the time, as with that yoga article, the backlash feels forced, even if it raises some good points.


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