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Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Can digital literacy be sexy? An open question

Studio X-NYC VenueWhen I'm craving a solid design read, BLDG Blog is my fix. It explores the built world and the human relationship to nature and sculptures. Since I began subscribing, I have wanted to attend a Studio-X event, where author Geoff Manaugh is the director.

Remixing and Newsjack-ing with Students from Press Pass TV

Early last week, the Center for Civic Media was able to conduct a Remix Workshop with a group of high school students from Press Pass TV. The facilitators from the Center for Civic Media included Co-Design Facilitator and Community Organizer Becky Hurwitz and CMS Civic Media Professor Sasha Costanza-Chock, along with myself. The workshop was intended as a hands-on space, where students had the opportunity to learn about remix culture, politics, and tools. The workshop began with introductions among all parties and a simple question to the students: “What is your favorite remix?” This question led to a discussion about the meaning of “remix,” and also comments about favorite hip hop remixes. The workshop then proceeded to a discussion about media remix culture, which includes many different types of remixes: hobbyist, musical, artistic, comical, political, etc.

To Supreme Court, MIT defends using race in admissions

Today MIT and 13 other major universities submitted an amicus brief (PDF attached below) to the U.S. Supreme Court in defense of using race as a consideration in the admissions process.

The case is Fisher v. University of Texas. Oral arguments will be heard on Oct. 10, with a decision expected in early 2013.

The core of the schools' brief is summed up on page 2:

Tracking Global Prayer Metrics: Ten Questions

Would it matter if we could track the total sum of global prayer and compare hourly analytics on the spiritual attention of religious people around the world?

Last month, I spent a day discussing this and other questions with Andy Moore and James Docherty at the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, which facilitates connections across student Christian movements in over 150 countries.


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