Final project outline

The outline for the project, in a very disorganized way, and very late, and the order of things could change later. Any suggestions?

I. Media overview of Costa Rica (
II. Problems (concepts based on class, general overview of each, and examples within Costa Rica)
A. Crisis of journalism and information
Quality of news diminished, even if maybe newspapers are still regarded as credible in Costa Rica (two investigations already cited)
B. Political economy (monopoly of ownership) creates hegemonic information (remix some parts of this article:…
Interview with Chomsky (that I did a couple of years ago)
Media ownership, messaging in Costa Rica (recent examples, strike at the the national health and social security department)
C. Media access (not everyone has internet, infrastructure) to get/create info
Interviews with some Indigenous and feminist media in Costa Rica (some still need to get back to me)

Solutions (and how Espacio Libre Amauta is incorporating these)
III. Media and activism
A. Radical media structures (expand on this article:…
Michael Albert article, and example of Z Magazine (and my experience at Z Media Institute)
Revista La Libertad (revista anarquista en Costa Rica)
B. Social movements + media justice (remix parts of this: and this:…
C. Networked counterpublics (expand on this article:
the strength of alternative media opening up spaces for expression, and joining forces with each other
surveys from some RedMICA media organizations
IV. Internet and its possibilities
A. Free software
How free software builds new alternatives of collaboration and communities
LibreBus in Costa Rica
Interview with Richard Stallman
B. Digital platforms (Indymedia, collaborative creations, etc)
Indymedia Costa Rica
El Pregon
Clay Shirky’s book Here Comes Everybody
C. Hyperlocal (community)
Some examples in Costa Rica (Jaguar del Platanar, Radio Santa Clara?)
Differences with developments in US, potentials of digital communities mobilization into real communities movements
V. Digital civil disobedience (…)
Instance of a hacking in Costa Rica, interviews with some of the hackers
Context on Anonymous and hacktivism, based on Gabriella Coleman’s article
Other civil disobedience in Costa Rica

VI. Tying it all together
How would a prototype, addressing the issues discussed, look like for a Costa Rican context?