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[Video] Peer economy takeaways from my summer research

Comparative Media Studies @ MIT kicked off the 2013 academic year yesterday with orientation presentations. The second-year CMS grad students pulled together a 10-minute presentation about their thesis topic and summer research and then presented to faculty, staff and incoming graduate students.

I thought you’d be interested!

RE: points in the video –

  • C├ęsar Hidalgo (Media Lab: Macroconnections) and I have been discussing whether “political economy” is the right term, or if something like “political science” would be a better fit in understanding the agenda, political influence and different sorts of power involved in systems. While political science seems to get at it better (economy would mean incentives, etc.), we’re not completely satisfied with that term either.
  • On the potential behavioral demographic research, this is just a possibility of many things I may be doing this semester (lots of exciting updates to come!). The crucial factor for me is whether the resolution of this data will be high enough to map to geographic locations. I’m interested in rate of participation. I had to cut out a parallel example from the video, but I likened it to the rate of smart phone adoption. Technological and creative classes (closely correlated with class and privilege) were the first to adopt, but the rate was actually highest among low-income.