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Oversharing as Digital towards the detail of Analog

Did you know there's a level of Dots Per Inch after which your eye simply cannot see any difference? Any added level of detail isn't perceptible to you unless you select an area to zoom in on, changing the inches over which the dots are distributed.

This is what came to mind when listening to the Oversharing Forum at Media In Transition 8 conference at MIT's Media Lab. The speakers covered EverydayCarry, the panopticon, and quantitative self. The point was brought up of how you must always assume you are being surveilled, and it only takes one person in a group to be recording for the entire group to be documented. The responsibility was bandied from the person recording to the person being recorded, to the person sharing, to the spaces themselves have default settings for recording (or not) (think theaters vs conferences). Zittrain brought up that the only way to NOT be recorded is to not do anything notable, and that is a long dark path of social blandness and fragility.

Civics Education and Activism

Hi, I'm Willow, and I'm new to the Center for Civic Media. I'm a research affiliate, which I'm still not clear on the meaning of[1], but I'm looking at how flat organizations scale and I love it here. I used to think it was decentralized groups, but then I read Charlie's excellent blog post and knew better (Charlie, who has recently shaved his beard and it is freaking me out). Before I was here, I was in Seattle - another Geek Promised Land - working with hackerspaces and education. I still juggle digital disaster and humanitarian response work with a group called Geeks Without Bounds. This is my first blog entry on the Center's roll, and is flavored with my own ranty-pants tendencies - if you're looking for the live notes of the event itself, they are linked below or back a few entries on this blog.