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Civics Education and Activism

Hi, I'm Willow, and I'm new to the Center for Civic Media. I'm a research affiliate, which I'm still not clear on the meaning of[1], but I'm looking at how flat organizations scale and I love it here. I used to think it was decentralized groups, but then I read Charlie's excellent blog post and knew better (Charlie, who has recently shaved his beard and it is freaking me out). Before I was here, I was in Seattle - another Geek Promised Land - working with hackerspaces and education. I still juggle digital disaster and humanitarian response work with a group called Geeks Without Bounds. This is my first blog entry on the Center's roll, and is flavored with my own ranty-pants tendencies - if you're looking for the live notes of the event itself, they are linked below or back a few entries on this blog.