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Serious Games with International Red Cross Climate Group

Pablo is a force to be reckoned with. That crazy energy that seeps possibility into the most jaded of souls. He doesn't just pull you out of yourself - he gives you somewhere to go. And even more incredibly is that he seeks to make the things he has made possible thrive beyond himself - how can he support others in making change? How can the things he's instigated be documented and live on? A reminder of how much good facilitation matters in events and life.

Liveblog from RightsCon : Stories from the Field

Liveblog from the workshop session of RightsCon. Please forgive aggregious spelling errors.
  • Tell us about a time when you learned something unexpected about working with frontline human rights defenders.
  • What top 3 tips would you give someone preparing for a capacity-building mission with human rights defenders?
  • What are the 3 most common misundersrtandings or mistakes to avoid make when doing capacity building work with human rights defenders?


Dan from Tactical Tech


Liveblog from the Usability panel at RightsCon. It covered the Countersurveillance hackathon we had just wrapped up, a SF event headed by OpenITP but also linked to the recent Countersurveillance DiscoTechs. I typed this live and published right after the sessions for the day - please forgive typos etc.

Usability as a huge issue. Doesn't matter how much we train if the software isn't usable.

OpenITP has done two events around crypto and usability now - DC in January, and SF in March. OpenITP tools brought to be worked on. Not hard to do a hackathon on usability. Can get people in to improve documentation. User testing is a thing that can happen in a day. Making wireframes. We'll do a report back on challenges faced, what people are doing usability-wise. What they're doing to correct those things.

Barbara with Benetech

The Architects of Houses

My most recent hex tattoo says "throw away the scabbard". The full meaning is that when the time comes to fight, you draw your sword and throw the scabbard away. Because you either face a foe you are unlikely to beat, or that you will not be forgiven, or that there is no going back. It's also a quote attributed to Stonewall Jackson. Who was a right git. But the quote is thus both a reminder that I get to make a choice, once, to draw my sword; as well as that those I rally against have conviction to rival my own (as well as some things to say that I do believe in).

Database Skillshare

Databases! Apparently they are useful. In a quest to better understand this gap in my knowledge, Rahul, Yu, Joshua, and I sat down.

There are so many tools out there. What you invest in learning is important because you don't know what will still be around, especially the web-based ones.

Relational Databases