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Interlude: Three Lightning Talks

Live blog by Sands Fish and Willow Brugh

Matt Carrol - Future of News / Civic

Wanted a "BuzzFeed"able title. 5 top media leaders, hot new media trends. 10 called back.
Lesson to be learned about writing headline first.
C. - Circa, The Guardian, Bloomberg, Storify, The Washington Post, Twitter, Financial, Times, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews - Dan Sinker, Fresco - Dan van der Merwe., co-founder

Fresco News was created by 2 19 year old freshmen from NYU. The tools that exist today. But if 19 year olds are doing this, what happens after the seasoned professionals are done tearing it apart and putting it back together.

#2. Nevermind digital first… it’s mobile first.
50% traffic club (mobile) ;- Washington Post, etc., Twitter @ 80%
ATOMIZATION of news. Like Circa, bite-sized paragraphs. Like NYT Now, taking news and putting it into a tiny bucket so easy to consume on mobile.

Ignite Ice Breaker Talks

Live blog by Whitney and myself with all the typos and personal notes yayyyy

Marissa John—NannyVan.
Nanny Van is a collaboration with National Domestic Workers Alliance. New Deal laws specifically excluded domestic workers. In New York, this changed in 2010; Massachusetts is about to be the fourth state to change this. Nanny Van is part of outreach for this, and is talking both to domestic workers and to (liberal-leaning) people who employ domestic workers. “Trickle Up Tips for Domestic Employers.” @TheNannyVan

Mutual Aid and The Crowd

Months ago, one of my friends at the Naval Defense University sent me an article from Scientific American on how social media is making crowds less predictable. It hit a nerve with me, my response being that “social media makes crowds more predictable to themselves.” The article talks about uprisings in various countries, popular choice, and collective action. It also cites this argument, shoehorning collective action into hierarchical framework, indicative of its missing the point.

Topic: Revolution and Technology

Livebloggers: Sasha, Nathan, Erhardt

Today, we're joined by Stephan “tomate” Urbach from the activist group & think tank Telecomix, which works to circumvent surveillance, and to promote internet freedom and human rights. During the 2011 uprisings in North Africa, Telecomix activists helped to bypass technologies of censorship and communication-interruption. They currently work to shuttle videos and other information safely out of Syria. Urbach is a Telecomix member, and has acted as their de facto spokesperson. He was a member of the Pirate Party in Germany, and worked for the Berlin Pirate Parliamentary group from 2011 until February 2014.


Serious Games with International Red Cross Climate Group

Pablo is a force to be reckoned with. That crazy energy that seeps possibility into the most jaded of souls. He doesn't just pull you out of yourself - he gives you somewhere to go. And even more incredibly is that he seeks to make the things he has made possible thrive beyond himself - how can he support others in making change? How can the things he's instigated be documented and live on? A reminder of how much good facilitation matters in events and life.