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A Contributor Community Doing It Right

Around 2011, Geeks Without Bounds hosted its second Random Hacks of Kindness. Microsoft provided us space, East of Seattle, and I remember rolling in on my motorcycle to a set of bright-eyed gents who had come up from Portland. That morning. Rather than their pre-caffienated enthusiasm being annoying, it was utterly infectious. They helped carry things. They set things up, said hello to incoming people, and generally made my role of an organizer and facilitator leagues easier than it might have been. And then - they also knew how to code. Well. And to help others be amazing. I had just met Ben and Marlin.

VizThinks from Day One of HOPE

Persecution of Internet Activists:
Barrett Brown, a Dallas-based writer and freelance journalist, was arrested in late 2012 and indicted several times on charges including the publication of a hyperlink. He was earlier pegged by the media as an “unofficial spokesperson” for the hacktivist collective known as Anonymous. But who is he really and what was he trying to uncover that made him a target of the feds? The prosecution was widely regarded as excessive and included a gag order, subpoenas, charges issued against family members, attempts to seize defense funds, and criminal counts so flawed that they were later dismissed. This talk will explore Brown’s work, what happened during his case, the dynamics of his interactions with Anonymous and its implications for other journalists who work with hackers, and why his case outraged many of those who care for free speech and freedom of press.
Speakers: Kevin Gallagher; Ahmed Ghappour; Gabriella Coleman

Teachable Moments (español)

Mariel (@faeriedevilish) provided this translation, for which we are immensely grateful.

Un panel en la conferencia de Medios Cívicos de MIT y Knight trató sobre la segunda oportunidad de la open web (red abierta), y los problemas a los que nos enfrentamos con el crecimiento de este movimiento. Los panelistas fueron Mark Surman, Director Ejecutivo de la Fundación Mozilla, y Seamus Kraft, Director Ejecutivo de la OpenGov Foundation. Mark comenzó con la historia de la open web, cómo nació Mozilla en 1997 y dónde ve el movimiento hoy. Luego la conversación se dirigió a Seamus, quien hizo su primer login hace 17 años cuando Mozilla fue fundado.

Teachable Moments in #CivicMedia

A panel at the MIT-Knight Civic Media conference was about the Open Web's Second Chance, and the problems we are facing with growing the open web movement.  The panelists were Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation and Seamus Kraft, Executive Director of The OpenGov Foundation.  Mark kicked things off with the story of the open web, how Mozilla was born in 1997 and where he sees the movement today.  Then the conversation turned to Seamus, who was first logging online 17 years ago when Mozilla was founded.

The Open Web's Second Chance

Liveblog by: Ali Hashmi @alihashmi01, Whitney, Ed, Willow on vizthink