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Building upon my last blog post and comments provided, I will summarize my project proposal here:

Theory of Change for Tane

After the last class, I was in this spiral thought while reading various articles on rural depopulation. It was clear that the problem cannot be solved by a mere project, or I wasn't even sure what the problem was anymore. Is depopulation something we need to prevent? Would there be a local community I could work over this semester in Boston area? ...

Solve rural depopulation through civic media?

I have my own project in Japan, called SoHub, where multidisciplinary teams work with a rural community that improve the lives in the community through collaborative technology solutions. The community we are currently working with is Tane in Shiga prefecture, which is a rural community facing the depopulation. In SoHub, we are trying to tackle the population challenge through improving the smaller factors (for example agricultural production and housing) of the community - and this motivated me to think of a civic media project.
Can we solve tackle the rural depopulation through civic media?

Once communities start to face depopulation, it is pretty difficult to get away of the loop. Look at the diagram below.

Digital Inequality and Inclusion in Japan

Japan is often represented as a high-technology country, so statistics below often surprise people.

Global Social Network Penetration

Computer ownership as well as Internet penetration rate is lower than expected for its income level, compared to the other countries in East Asia. As for the penetration rate for social network, it is much lower than those of other industrialized countries.

Hello (Civic) World! - Miho Kitagawa

Hello everyone - I'm Miho, an undergraduate senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering with the concentration in Biomedical Applications and International Development. My interest lies on product development, user-interface design and capacity building. I'm pretty heavily involved in D-lab ( - where we design appropriate technologies needed in developing countries - and Little Devices Lab ( - where we develop DIY health technologies both for developed and developing countries.