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Television Newsroom Diversity and Civic Engagement

This is a collaborative blog post between Hailey Lee and I about our final project for CMS.360, Intro to Civic Media. Our project is entitled “Television Newsroom Diversity and Civic Engagement.”


My Failed Civic Media Project

The week of 11/28, we discussed Failed Civic Media projects with Benjamin Mako Hill. We discussed why some projects fail, what could have prevented them from failing, why some projects succeed, and what we can learn from both failure and success. At the time of this lecture I didn’t think I had participated in any civic media projects that had failed. Then I took a look back to the dreaded years: high school.

When I was in high school, I was very involved in student broadcast journalism. Our show, The Newsdesk, was broadcast on a channel maintained by the school board and local city government, TPS-14. I decided to pursue an individual project aside from anchoring and writing for The Newsdesk in my senior year of high school. I wanted to make a documentary. I think my documentary is a great example of a small-scale civic media project that failed, although at the time I had no idea what “civic media” was.

What is Civic Media Again? Reflecting on "Intro to Civic Media"

This week, we were asked to re-read our first blog post for Intro to Civic Media, and to reflect upon whether or not our views have changed.

What remained the same?
My definition was “Any medium that creates information flow to a community or communities in order to foster participatory spirit in decision making.” The last part of my definition "to foster participatory spirit in decision making" was meant not only to mean government decision making, but any decisions an individual or community will face. I still agree with this definition, as I have learned the types of media covered in this course have been extremely broad.

What Changed?
In the beginning of the course, I didn’t think that the act of participating was a required part of my definition of civic media, and my definition of Civic Media was more focused on "spirit" than action. However after fourteen weeks of this course, I have come to see that activism and action are central to the field of civic media.

Case studies: Hyperlocal Civic Media in the Hub

The topic for Monday November 14th’s class was Hyperlocal civic media. This post is a summary of that discussion, which was facilitated by Ania.

Raw notes can be found here:

We read two pieces that focused on geoethicnic and hyperlocal media. We also discussed community websites in the Boston area.

Final project update with literature review

This blog post is a project update in collaboration with Hailey Lee. Our project outline can be seen here.

Over the past week, Hailey and I have been developing questions for our video component. We have also been reaching out to various Boston news organizations for appearance requests. Here’s a working list of organizations we have contacted:
• New England Cable News
• WUNI Univision
• Boston Neighborhood Network
• Cambridge Community TV
• Roxbury.TV
• Boston Latino Television
• Center on Media and Society at UMass Boston
• Boston Regional US Census Bureau
• National Association of Hispanic Journalists
• National Association of Black Journalists
• National Association of Asian Journalists

Any additional suggestions for organizations to contact would be appreciated.