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The newsworthiness of women and violence towards women

This is my modest contribution to the Introduction to Civic Media course. This is about the small scale analysis of the front page news on the women's day and violence towards women in the selected Turkish newspapers for one week. I attempt to show that the Turkish media in general does not cover the issues of women on the front page as these are not being considered having news value http://pageonex.com/mgb/women/. This situation changes mostly during the 8th of March International Women's Day. This is the only day you can see invited women at TV discussion programs. They talk about women though. They are not called to express their opinions on the other areas. The expertise is largely left to men.

This small study shows that how the issues of women are mentioned briefly and ignored in the following days after the Women’s Day immediately in the press. Even though at least one in five women is subjected to violence, this does not take sufficient attention on the front page.

A Successful Fundraising Campaign for an Injured Demonstrator

Sing Lobna, Sing ..

I wanted to share a very touching but a successful fund-raising campaign to support medical expenses of a Turkish Palestinian demonstrator, Lobna. They needed at least 70 thousand dollars but it is more than a hundred dollars for now. She was almost paralyzed but started to speak actually. It does not make us less angry but at least there is a little improvement, thanks to those who supported.

youth organization hype

This is the youth initiative I mentioned at the Intro to Civic Media course:


UDC Conference in San Francisco ended

UDC and Project Censored’s joint 2013 conference — The Point is to Change It: Media Democracy and Democratic Media in Action ended today. It was a great conference full of good discussions and inspiring 'comrade' mood.
Yuezhi Zhao received Dallas Smythe Award last night. In her address, she said that China can save itself and the world with the rise of the new left; it's alliance with uprising workers movement; and the possible development of ecological socialism.

For the program, please see: