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Seeking Feedback from Stakeholders for Between the Bars

You may have seen Charlie DeTar speak recently about a project we are working on: Between the Bars. The current plan for the system is to allow inmates who do not have Internet access to blog by sending letters to a network of volunteers who can scan, upload, and transcribe them. The goal is to provide inmates with a public outlet for expression, and to allow the public to better understand what a real inmate's life is like.

We're looking for help and feedback, perhaps from you, in helping further design the project.

Wikinews and Multiperspectival Reporting

Wikinews is a wiki in which users write news articles collaboratively. The project, established in 2004, is run by the Wikimedia Foundation, the organization that also supports Wikipedia. Wikinews has produced over 37,000 articles in 22 languages, with roughly one quarter of those in the English language version of the site. The site foundered early; its output seems to have stabilized to about 4-6 news articles daily, compared to an average of 16 articles each day in 2004.