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Henry Jenkins' farewell

For those of us who miss Henry Jenkins' familiar figure around the MIT campus, last night's Farewell at the MIT Communications Forum was a delight. For those of you who missed it you'll just have to wait until the audio and video appear on the Communications Forum website. It's worth seeing.

The audience reception was the closest thing I've seen to a standing ovation at an MIT talk. Most MIT audiences can't stand up since they have laptops on their laps. Happy trails, Henry!

Forum: Youth and Civic Engagement

MIT Communications Forum, April 24, 2008

Lance Bennett, Ingeborg Endter, Alan Khazei, moderated by Mitchel Resnick

The current generation of young citizens is growing up in an age of unprecedented access to information. Will this change their understanding of democracy? What factors will shape their involvement in the political process?

Forum: Our World Digitized: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

MIT Communications Forum, April 10, 2008

Yochai Benkler and Cass Sunstein, moderated by Henry Jenkins

Much discussion of our impending digital future is insular and without nuance. Skeptics talk mainly among themselves, while utopians and optimists also keep company mainly within their own tribal cultures. The forum challenges this unhelpful division, staging a conversation between two of our country’s most thoughtful and influential writers on the promise and the perils of the Internet Age.

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Labcast features Center for Future Civic Media

The LabCASTs are a Webby award-winning series from the MIT Media Lab. This LabCAST features the Center for Future Civic Media, a joint effort between the MIT Media Lab and the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program.