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Videos from the Knight Conference

Video clips from The Future of Civic Media, our first annual conference held last month at MIT, are now available:

June 11th, Part 1

June 11th, Part 2

June 12th, Part 1

June 12th, Part 2

June 12th, Part 3

June 13th

MIT Hosts Conference for Knight Winners

This week, the MIT Center for Future Civic Media is hosting a major three-day conference retreat for our fellow recipients of recent Knight News Challenge grants. The conference, titled “The Future of Civic Media,” is now in full swing. A plethora of cutting-edge projects are being demonstrated — projects being developed by our center here at MIT, and projects under development by other Knight winners from across the globe. A huge amount of cross-pollination and collective brainstorming is happening among the winners, many of whom are meeting in person for the very first time. Links to further information about many of the Knight-funded projects being showcased here at MIT this week are available here and here.

Knight and PBS launch Idealab

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and PBS unveiled Idealab yesterday, a large and ambitious online thinktank on the future of community news in the digital age. Idealab features a long list of contributors; all of the bloggers are recipients of recent Knight News Challenge grants. The project is being edited by the capable Mark Glaser, who has been running PBS’ Mediashift for many years. Thus far, there are some pretty intriguing posts. I’ve spoken with some of these folks in my prior work as a print journalist; a few years ago, I interviewed Jay Rosen, the NYU journalism professor and author of Pressthink, for a feature story I wrote for the Village Voice on academic bloggers.