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Gabi Schaffzin

In the years since graduating with an undergraduate business degree from Babson College, Gabi has worked in the marketing department of a large corporation, on the creative team of big and small ad agencies, and as Director of Creative Development at a small media platform startup. He has produced web based experiences in Flash and HTML/JavaScript, mobile apps, and digital out of home executions.

Providing innovative solutions to problems has always been the primary driver for his work, but it wasn’t until he reached the Dynamic Media Institute at MassArt that he realized he could try to solve problems that weren’t necessarily driven by user metrics or profitability. Rather, his skills as a multi-platform front-end developer, he believes, can be used to facilitate a more civil public discourse — a belief that acts as a foundation for his academic work. His excessive consumption of The West Wing may have contributed to this belief.

More of his work can be seen here.