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Reynolds Journalism Institute FTW!

Thanks to the organizers of Journalism That Matters: Detroit and Time Life for awarding Red Ink a grant to attend the Reynolds Journalism Institute in August for the Innovate100 pitch slam.

I'm going to use the opportunity to promote Red Ink, see what investors think of my crazy ideas, and try and improve Red Ink's messaging to general audiences.

Communicating the potential of Red Ink to serve communities has always been a big challenge. Because, just explaining what I'm doing, especially for people not familiar with the newest happenings in web based personal finance applications, can be a lot to wrap ones head around in a 2 minute conversation. It is also very challenging to reduce the idea to a short paragraph or few sentences without glossing over a lot of important details. I hope that attending this workshop will help me improve pitching Red Ink to audiences with short attention spans.

MIT 100K Fail!

In the last few weeks and months I've been putting a lot of thought into what Red Ink will function like in the real world. This means dealing with the fundamental issue of what business model makes sense for supporting a data sharing platform of this nature.

To that end I wrote up a business plan for MIT's $100K Business Plan Competition. Qualifying entries receive legal and venture mentors from the Boston/Cambridge area to help develop their idea into fully-fledged start-up venture. The winner of the competition receives $100,000 in money to get their vision off the ground.

Five Ways To Use Green Data

In both of my talks, I mention that "data is powerful", but did not delve deeply into the epistemology of that idea or its practical applications. It is certainly a weak point in our discussion.

Luckily, there are people out there smarter than I doing the dirty work to make the case. "Five ways to use (green) data and make money", a recent article from the Harvard Business Review, presents several illustrative scenarios of using reality mining data to affect behavioral change.

Media Lab Crit Day

Here's the video from my "crit day" talk. I was pretty nervous, but I think this is the best version of the talk I've given to date. Lot's of revisions from the comm forum talk. Enjoy!

Communications Forum Video

Here's the video I promised of my talk at the Center for Future Civic Media Communications Forum. Next a more polished version of this same talk from my Media Lab Thesis Proposal Critique session from 11/16/09.