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What is Video for Change -- and Its Forms?

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Over at the blog, the video4change Impact Research team have begun blogging about some of the issues, questions and lessons from the preliminary literature review. In a series of three blog entries, they have explored the definition of using video to impact and influence social change, and how organisations, individuals and social movements have done it.

In the first entry, Video for Change: What is It and Who Does It? the researchers have come up with the broadest possible definition:

“any initiative that emphasises the use of video for creating change, whether that change is at a personal or individual level, is focused on a group or a specific issue or is at a broader social level.”

Exploring Video Advocacy, Impact and Social Change

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Over the past few months, the video4change network has been busy starting the 'video4change Impact Research'. Through this research, we are looking to come up with a preliminary set of impact indicators by conducting a literature review, and interviewing video4change network members on how they assess the impact of their work.

At the end of this of this prelimary research, we expect to have the following results and output: