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Vojo workshop with CCTV!

I visited Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) today to do a Vojo workshop with CCTV staff and Neighbormedia reporters. We practiced posting stories, created accounts, and discussed how Neighbormedia will use Vojo on Friday's PARK(ing) Day to collect stories from the CCTV parking space about Central Square. To see some of the stories we posted, check out the CCTV group on Vojo.

We're beginning to standardize our workshop agendas which have their basis in workshops that the VozMob team run, customized for Vojo and groups we're working with.

A Zeega Tour from Jesse Shapins

Jesse Shapins from Zeega ( came by the Center today to demonstrate the Zeega editor. I was eager to see it in action after hearing from the Zeega team at events including the Knight/Civic Conference earlier this summer (, a Civic lunch last (, and from
Catherine D'Ignazio (, an incoming Center graduate student who has been a member of the Zeega dev team.

Filming at "Puerto Rico en Reflejos: Rafael Angel Carrasco-Vazquez"

Anabel Vasquez Rodriguez and Rafael Angel introduce the exhibit.

On Fri 27, together with Jenny Larios Berlin, and Sasha Costanza-Chock, I attended the opening event at Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion (IBA) for Rafael Angel’s exhibit, "Puerto Rico en Reflejos." IBA is the community organization of the Villa Victoria community in Boston’s South End. One program of IBA’s varied community development work is community building through arts education and events. The IBA galleries host artists from around the world, and this was the first instance of a show by a Villa Victoria resident.

Responses to discriminatory immigration and biased policing

The recent Supreme Court ruling on SB1070 and ongoing campaigns to raise awareness around biased policing codified at national, state, and local levels have led to some similar communication tech projects. I’ve been talking to people involved in various campaigns about their work and the tech projects they’ve developed. In this post, I’m summarizing some of these conversations.

SCOTUS upholds SB1070’s “Papers please” provision
In late June, the Supreme Court announced its decision on 4 provisions of Arizona’s state bill 1070 establishing new state policies around immigration enforcement. SCOTUS was deciding on whether these provisions overstepped the rights of a state as the federal government is meant to be the institution with the right to create and enforce immigration laws nationwide.

Video for Change (v4c) Retreat Report-back: How-to Hack a Hackathon

Some filmmakers we met on the v4c daytrip to Borobudor; Magelang, Java.

Hackathon: A hackathon, a hacker neologism, is an event when programmers meet to do collaborative computer programming. (

Hackathons can be single or multiple days and sometimes participants form teams and code in competition. The term hackathon is now applied to other fields and generally to gatherings with multiple aims of producing collaborative work and building community.

In the early half of June, I participated in the video4change (V4C) workshop organized by WITNESS and EngageMedia. We were 21 participants from 12 or organizations working worldwide to train and support people using video for social change.