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A conversation with the Bay Area Doula Project (BADP)

I had the chance to join a Bay Area Doula Project (BADP) salon event the other week. They were gathering at Rock Health ( in SF, an incubator for health-IT projects and the new host space for the salon series that previously met at Million Fishes. I've been paying attention to the series because a friend is helping to organize it and I've been wishing, from my East Coastness, that I was in the Bay to join these, especially the first 2 events from March 2012, intriguingly named Orgasm Outside of the Box and This Hormonal Life. Through the magic of video chat, I joined as a head on a tv for the Sept 27th salon on how the full spectrum doula movement is using new media to build skills and connection between the community of practitioners, connect with clients, and some of the potential benefits and concerns of communicating online.

The Question Campaign: 21 Days of questions, 365 Days of action.

The Question Campaign,, launched in the City of Cambridge on Weds Oct 17 as part of the Cambridge Campaign Against Domestic Violence. For the next 21 Days, the Question Campaign will ask for people in Cambridge to donate their questions about Domestic Violence. Following that, through a series of public processes, the campaign partners and Cambridge residents will identify common questions and work towards local policy and service provision that responds to these questions.

Vojo Community Call - Placing Vojo content on your sites using RSS feeds

We had our second Vojo Community Call on Tues Oct 16. The agenda included introductions from 3 of our community groups and a hands-on demonstration of how to locate feed addresses for Vojo groups and Vojo tags. We followed that with a screenshared demo of how these feeds can be integrated into Drupal’s native RSS feed aggregator and a Wordpress plugin that we have found works well with Vojo feeds. The following is a recap of the introductions and some of the call activities.

For more info about this call:

Vojo Community Calls Begin

We hosted our first Vojo community webinar this week to bring Vojo users together to learn and practice customizing their groups' appearance and audio prompts. We'll be hosting these calls on the 1st and 3rd Tues of every month 3pm-4pm EST. Our next call will be on Tues Oct 16 and we'll practice embedding Vojo feeds into our other media spaces -- organization web sites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Video capture from this week's call:
Notes from the call:

Tell us your story

"Join us, tell us your story" is the prompt given by the Kitchen Sisters for their most recent project, "The Hidden World of Girls." This is one of 3 storytelling projects I've been enjoying lately that center women as storytellers about their lives and histories.

The Hidden World of Girls

The Hidden World of Girls, is a recent project by NPR radio production duo, The Kitchen Sisters. It's a series of radio documentaries featuring women and stories about women that people called in responding to the full prompt, "Who are the women that inspire you? What are the rituals for girls in your community? Whose stories have yet to be told? Help us on our quest for tales of the extraordinary and everyday, from the past to the present" by calling into the Hidden World of Girls message line (202-408-9576) or leaving stories in writing, images, audio and video on the web form.