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UndocuHack report back

This post written by: Becky Hurwitz (@bxhrz), Pedro Joel (@joelfilms), Rogelio Lopez (@Tochtli_exe) and Celso Mireles (@CelsoM3)

Undocuhack: Hack immigration with Undocutech this weekend

Undocutech is organizing for the National Day of Civic Hacking! Come hack for immigrant rights with us. We’ll be joining #hackforchange in locations all around the country June1-2.

Can’t join on June1-2, but interested in learning how to use media and technology to support immigrant rights? Let us know who you are here: and we’ll include you in meetups and hangouts.

We're keeping this running document of information about how to participate:

Reflections on the Spring 2013 Codesign Studio

The Codesign Studio concluded on Tues May 14. This year we had 8 enrolled students, a mix of graduate and undergraduate students from around the institute, from Computer Science, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Mechanical Engineering and from other universities -- Boston University, Harvard’s Kennedy School, and Wellesley. Our partners were Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) and Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI).

]MPPP Pop Up Installation in Upham's Corner Main Street

A simple idea, a well-crafted prompt, a beautiful collaborative storytelling project

What are the elements of an appealing invitation to participate in a collaborative storytelling piece? What would motivate you to share a personal story with an unknown audience? How do we prompt people in a way that elicits contributions of a kind we are imagining?

olga_slider from


My dear friend Olga Nunes recently ran a beautiful and enormously successful campaign, a simple call for memories relating to smell to which people responded with touching and deep memories. She says, “We are all made of stories” and underlying all of her artwork is some expression of this sentiment. She’s an artist who draws you into semi-fictitious lives that she spins through songs, poems, visual art, experiences. In this project, she helps draw stories from you through your memories, making apparent the fabric of stories that weave us together.

How we celebrated Global Accessibilty Awareness Day! #GAAD

Ed and I met with the Accessibility and Usability team yesterday, part of MIT’s Information Services and Technology (IS&T), one of the departments on campus that makes the institute go. We met with Katherine Wahl and Chris LaRoche, usability consultants, and Stephani Roberts, accessibility consultant. They work as consultants with projects across the institute -- both department sites and smaller projects and we went to speak with them about ( and

We had emailed before meeting, and when we arrived at the office, Katherine, Chris and Stephanie asked us what Vojo is. Question 1: Do people understand what Vojo is from the site? Answered.