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Light Fieldwork: Lytro Cameras, Open Research & the Partial

Lytro markets the images from its light field cameras as “living pictures.” This makes me think of the magical portraits from Harry Potter, their subjects managing door security and popping from frame to frame. (Not the photographs. Harry Potter photographs are pretty much anigifs.) "Living picture" is certainly evocative marketspeak, but it obscures what a fascinating methodological tool light field images can be—and the fresh questions about openness and participation in research such cameras provoke.

Survivors, Cyber-Law & Harm Reduction: liveblog

Cowritten with Rebecca Perry, with help from Shreeharsh Kelkar; video by Lan Li; this workshop occurred on April 26, 2013.

The final session of the MIT Sex Trafficking & Technology Workshop.



Virginia Greiman (Ginny)

Abigail Judge


Manduhai Buyandelger

Technology & Trafficking Discourses: liveblog

Cowritten with Rebecca Perry, photography & video by Lan Li; workshop occurred on April 26, 2013.

The welcome to the MIT Sex Trafficking & Technology Workshop, given by Mitali Thakor.

Today’s Sex Trafficking & Technology workshop centers on issues of sex trafficking and labor and human rights, from the viewpoint of activists and scholars. The workshop is a joint collaboration between MIT’s Anthropology Program and Women’s and Gender Studies Program.

Questions the workshop explores (from the workshop site):