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FOLD is an authoring and publishing platform for creating modular, multimedia stories. Some readers require greater context to understand complex stories. Using FOLD, authors can search for and add "context cards" to their stories. Context cards can contain videos, maps, tweets, music, interactive visualizations, and more. FOLD also allows authors to link stories together by remixing context cards created by other writers.

Jumping into complex news stories is difficult, particularly stories requiring historical or technical context. We hypothesize that the feeling of frustration and inadequacy that comes with not being able to understand the news causes readers to turn away from specific pieces or entire topics. FOLD is an authoring and publishing platform allowing storytellers to structure and contextualize their stories to make their work more accessible. Authors can provide “curated tangents” to readers by integrating contextual information from online sources or by reusing other authors’ context blocks. Readers can progress through a story vertically to read the narrative, and side-to-side to access these context blocks. We believe that FOLD can help readers of all ages and backgrounds engage confidently with complex stories.

Alexis Hope
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