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The Open Media Project

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720-222-0160 x200
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Tony Shawcross
Project description: 

The Open Media Project is a two-year effort to develop a comprehensive set of open-source tools designed for Public Access TV stations, Community Technology Centers, and other noncommercial community media organizations with an interest in helping under-represented communities use the media to increase the presence of low-income perspectives in the media landscape, and to encourage greater community engagement among disengaged sectors of the population.

The tool set will enable noncommercial community media organizations to operate as a cooperative user-driven media network, sharing top-rated content through Drupal websites. Participating organizations will retain their local geographic focus while enabling their constituents to reach wider audiences with their media, and giving their local viewers access to content from across the globe.

Across the US, there are tens of thousands of hours of social-interest content being produced each day in Public Access TV stations and Community Technology Centers, but this content is rarely shared through emerging new media platforms like YouTube. The Open Media Project will transform those organizations into local hubs of an updated, global, user-driven, noncommercial media network unlike any other, with a specific focus on civic issues and local concerns.

The tools are functional and operating at Denver Open Media, with a revised beta release on Dec 5, 2008 broadcast live on TV (DOM Ch 57) and the web ( The beta release will be implemented in six Beta test Public Access TV stations in 2009, with an updated Drupal install profile scheduled for release in December, 2009. For more information, see