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The newsworthiness of women and violence towards women

This is my modest contribution to the Introduction to Civic Media course. This is about the small scale analysis of the front page news on the women's day and violence towards women in the selected Turkish newspapers for one week. I attempt to show that the Turkish media in general does not cover the issues of women on the front page as these are not being considered having news value This situation changes mostly during the 8th of March International Women's Day. This is the only day you can see invited women at TV discussion programs. They talk about women though. They are not called to express their opinions on the other areas. The expertise is largely left to men.

This small study shows that how the issues of women are mentioned briefly and ignored in the following days after the Women’s Day immediately in the press. Even though at least one in five women is subjected to violence, this does not take sufficient attention on the front page.

Why is that so? Besides the patriarchal values and professional values on the news, the photo of the editors in chief above summarizes the situation very well. It is the world of men.