This Week in Civic Media 01.15.2010: Haiti response; Google leaves China | MIT Center for Civic Media

This week has clearly been dominated by news, reaction, and action in Haiti. Everything below, until the very bottom, are Haiti-related updates, and I hope you'll find a way to contribute. Chris Csikszentmihaiyi has collected these resources:

Some of the mapping responses:
GeoEye released satellite coverage from yesterday

OSM rapid response, working on mapping temporary camps, WMS available

Also the US state dept is experimenting with the short code 200 for Ushahidi and other endeavors


Thanks to Josh Levinger who sent many of these sources.



MassDOT/C4FCM Hackathon

  • @BostonTweet: The @MassDOTdev and MBTA Data Hackathon is January 29th and 30th at the MIT Media Lab.

Google Pulls out of China

  • #GoogleCN news roundup via our Fellow @dharmishta
  • Far-Ranging Support for Google’s China Move via @nytimes
  • China has no answer to question "Do your local laws against hacking apply to the government?"
  • Lovely irony: Google's threat to shut down operations in China has been censored in China
  • Google makes MAJOR announcement to reconsider its business in China after ID'ing China as source of attacks

Amman workshop

  • Connect/disconnect - thoughts on the Amman Mobile Data Innovations workshop

White House visitors log

  • Littlesis and friends generate 100+ profiles of White House visitors using newly public visitor logs