Experiences in Open Government from Brazil | MIT Center for Civic Media

Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 12:00pm

Gisele Craveiro, Professor, University of São Paulo
MIT Center for Civic Media E15-344

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Experiences in Open Government from Brazil

Gisele Craveiro is a professor at the University of São Paulo's School of Arts, Science and Humanities and director of the CoLaboratory for Development and Participation (COLAB) research group. She participates in the Latin American Open Data Initiative, which researches the emerging impacts of open data. Gisele's research focuses on the dissemination and reuse of government data and the impacts of openness and participation.

Since 2011, Gisele has contributed to research on the standardization of government data, organization and representation of data on public budgets, and the value generation chain from open data. She coordinates award-winning initiatives including Caring for My Neighborhood and Diário Livre, the open format version of the official municipal newspaper of the city of São Paulo. Since 2015, Gisele has collaborated with the Center for Civic Media on Promise Tracker.

Gisele will share recent work from several research projects at COLAB and open a discussion on assessing the impact of initiatives in this field.