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Civic Media Conference 2011: Attendees

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Attendee Twitter list:

Teddy Abrams
New World Symphony
Teddy Abrams performs internationally as a conductor, clarinetist, pianist, and composer. He was the Conducting Fellow and Assistant Conductor of the New World Symphony and co-founded the chamber ensemble the Sixth Floor Trio.

Robertson Adams | @robertsonadams
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Robertson Adams is an editorial and web project manager with a journalism background.

Debra Adams Simmons
The Plain Dealer
Debra Adams Simmons was named editor of The Plain Dealer in October 2010. She arrived at The Plain Dealer as managing editor in 2007 following four years as vice president and editor of the Akron Beacon Journal.

Luis Aguilar
Noticias De Mi Gente
Luis Aguilar is the founder of Noticias De Mi Gente, an Internet news platform aimed at reviving and sustaining rural Guatemalan villages. Noticias De Mi Gente provides more than 7,000 Guatemalans, at home and in 43 countries, with articles, interactive video, television, and photographs that connect them with their hometowns.

Nadav Aharony | @nadavaha
MIT Media Lab
Nadav Aharony is a researcher and PhD student at the MIT Media Lab. He works with the Human Dynamics research group and the Center for Future Civic Media.

Shafqat Ahmad
Infochange News and Features Network (INFN)
Shafqat Ahmad is a senior journalist and founder of Infochange News and Features Network (INFN) Pakistan. He also founded a media think tank Journalists for Democracy and Human Rights (JDHR) Pakistan. He has previously served as News Editor of Pakistan's leading english daily The News.

Yvette Alberdingk Thijm | @yvettethijm
Yvette J. Alberdingk Thijm, Executive Director, leads WITNESS’ team of human rights activists in fulfilling its mission: using video to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations.

Rosental Alves | @Rosental
Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas
Rosental C. Alves is the Knight Chair in Journalism & UNESCO Chair in Communication at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is also the director of Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas. Professor Alves is the president of ORBICOM, the global network of UNESCO Chairs in Communication.

Kara Andrade | @newmaya
Kara Andrade is an Ashoka fellow working in Central America. Previously she was funded by the US State Department to implement a mobile-based citizen journalism website called HablaGuate. She was the Community Organizer for Spot.Us, an open source project that focuses on community-funded reporting. She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Masters in Journalism and has ten years of experience in nonprofit development, public health and community organizing. She has worked as a multimedia producer and photojournalist for Agence France-Presse, France 24, the Associated Press, the San Jose Mercury News, Contra Costa Times and the Oakland Tribune.

David Ardia | @dsardia
Berkman Center for Internet & Society
David Ardia is the director of the Citizen Media Law Project, which provides legal assistance, training, and other resources for individuals and organizations involved in online and digital media. He previously served as assistant counsel at The Washington Post.

Juan Aristizabal
Juan David Aristizabal co-founder and communications director of organization BuenaNota. He was selected by the Shock Magazine in 2010 as one of the 15 young visionaries of Colombia. Juan David holds a weekly spot on the radio show, El Noticiero del Mediodía, aired on Todelar.

Som Nath Aryal
Community Radio Madanpokhara
Som Nath Aryal is the founder of Community Radio Madanpokhara in Nepal. He mobilizes all sectors of the society—youth, womens’ groups, community forest users, and other professionals, to inform, engage, and connect people as active, change making citizens through community radio.

Maha Atal | @maharafiatal
Public Business
Maha Rafi Atal is the co-founder and Executive Director of Public Business, a nonprofit supporting journalism that holds business to account.

Kate Balug
My Dot Tour
Kate Balug is a recent graduate of the Harvard Design School and the coordinator of My Dot Tour, an interactive tour of Dorchester's past, present, and future.

Jacqui Banaszynski | @JacquiB
University of Missouri School of Journalism
Jacqui Banaszynski is a Pulitzer Prize-winner reporter who now teaches student and professional journalists around the world. She is a Knight Chair professor at the Missouri School of Journalism and Editing Fellow at The Poynter Institute.

Dorian Benkoil | @dbenk
Teeming Media
Dorian Benkoil of Teeming Media developed and oversees the sales and marketing strategies for PBS MediaShift and Idea Lab. An award winning journalist for major news organizations and an MBA, he has devised and executed content and business strategies for everything from major media operations to niche blog networks, startups and best-selling authors.

Joshua Benton | @jbenton
Nieman Journalism Lab
Joshua Benton is director of the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University.

James Bettinger | @jrbettinger
John S. Knight Fellowships at Stanford
Jim Bettinger is director of the John S. Knight Fellowships at Stanford. Beginning in 2009, the program moved to a focus on journalism innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Rahul Bhargava
MIT Center for Future Civic Media
Rahul Bhargava is a researcher creating digital tools that support community building and civic engagement in the real world.

Larry Birnbaum
Northwestern University/Knight News Innovation Lab
Larry Birnbaum teaches Computer Science at Northwestern and is a member of the Knight News Innovation Lab there.

Kristofs Blaus | @KristofsBlaus
Kristofs Blaus is co-founder of (GoMap Riga).

Leo Bonanni
Leo Bonanni is CEO of Sourcemap, a crowdsourced directory of product supply chains and carbon footprints.

Rick Borovoy | @rick_borovoy
MIT Center for Future Civic Media
Rick Borovoy, Ph.D. is a Research Scientist at the Center for Future Civic Media at MIT. He creates technology to support face-to-face communication and community building.

Brian Boyer | @brianboyer
Chicago Tribune
Brian Boyer is the news applications editor at Chicago Tribune. He used to make boring business software, and is happy to say that's no longer the case.

John Bracken | @jsb
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
I like the internet and learning what it can and cannot do.

Jody Brannon | @brannonj
Jody Brannon, Ph.D., is national director of News21, a Carnegie-Knight alliance of 12 graduate journalism programs. She chairs the Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations and serves on the Online News Association board.

Catherine Bracy | @cbracy
Knight Foundation
Catherine Bracy is a consultant with the Journalism program at the Knight Foundation. She coordinated the review process for the 2011 Knight News Challenge.

Cody Brown | @codybrown
Nerd Collider
Cody Brown is the founder of Nerd Collider.

Donny Budhi Utoyo | @donnybu
ICT Watch - Indonesia
Donny B.U. is founder & senior researcher of ICT Watch (, a non-profit/non-government organization established in 2002. ICT Watch focuses on campaign, advocacy and education about Internet Safety (, ICT for Women and Freedom of Expression (

Leo Burd
MIT Center for Future Civic Media
Leo Burd is a researcher with the MIT Center for Future Civic Media. He focuses on the design of neighborhood communication systems that foster participation, social inclusion and local civic engagement.

Brian Butts | @brianbutts
Enquirer Media
Brian Butts is the Director of Digital & Technology for Enquirer Media, the Cincinnati Enquirer and

William Buzenberg | @buzenberg
Center for Public Integrity-iWatch News
Bill Buzenberg is the E.D. of the digital investigative Center for Public Integrity based in Washington, DC which distributes its work around the world and publishes daily as iWatch News. He spent 27 years in public radio.

Stefan Candea
Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism
Stefan Candea is co-founder of the Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism and a 2011 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. He reported on the connections between international organized crime networks and high-ranking politicians and public servants, covering the international arms trade, illegal international adoption, the separatist region of Trans-Dniester and the international diamond business.

Sean Carlson | @seancarlson
Sean Carlson manages news industry relations at Google.

Jennifer Carroll | @gcijennifer
Gannett Digital
Jennifer Carroll's Digital Content team leverages Gannett’s vast content network for seamless distribution and coordination of multiplatform enterprise, content and revenue packages. The team also engages in design and research around product improvement, development and innovation.

Matt Carroll | @GlobeMattC
Boston Globe/
Matt Carroll is a database reporter for The Boston Globe. He was a member of the team that won the 2003 Pulitzer for the priest sexual abuse crisis.

Andy Carvin | @acarvin
Andy Carvin is senior strategist at NPR. His work focuses on involving the online community to strengthen NPR's journalism.

David Chandler | @_dlc_
MIT News
David Chandler is a science writer for MIT News. He has previously written for The Boston Globe, New Scientist, Wired, and other magazines.

Kenyatta Cheese | @kenyatta
Unicorn Magic Team
Kenyatta Cheese is co-founder of both Unicorn Magic Team and Know Your Meme. In lives prior, he's done really cool stuff with Rocketboom, the Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology, and Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

Dante Chinni | @dchinni
Patchwork Nation
Dante Chinni is the editor and director of Patchwork Nation.

Sarah Cohen | @reporterslab
Duke University
Sarah Cohen is the Knight chair in computational journalism at Duke University, where she is launching the Reporter's Lab. She previously worked as a reporter and editor at The Washington Post.

Benjamin Cokelet | @Costa_Izquierda
Benjamin Cokelet is the founder and executive director of PODER, a NGO that leverages business intelligence, transparency technology, and community organizing to build a citizen-led corporate accountability movement in Latin America.

Ian Condry
MIT Comparative Media Studies
Ian Condry is associate professor of Comparative Media Studies, and Director, Social Media Initiative @ MIT. He writes about "globalization from below" in terms of hip-hop in Japan, global anime, and social media responses to urgent needs.

Carlos Correa
Espacio Público
Carlos Correa is the Founder and CEO of Espacio Público in Venezuela. He is also an Ashoka Fellow. Espacio Público is a Venezuelan NGO involved in training of journalists and citizens on issues relating to journalism, promotes and defends freedom of expression and investigates issues related to good communication practices.

Sasha Costanza-Chock | @schock
MIT Comparative Media Studies
Sasha Costanza-Chock is Assistant Professor of Civic Media at MIT's Comparative Media Studies program. His work centers on social movement media, participatory design, media justice, and communication rights.

Christopher Csikszentmihalyi | @csik
MIT Center for Future Civic Media
Christopher Csikszentmihályi blew up this spot and is now 5000, going going back back to Cali Cali (LA - in the city we play) by way of (let's hear it for) New York. Peace out.

Alicia Cytrynblum
Periodismo Social
is the founder of Periodismo Social as a concept and its organization. Is the author of Periodismo Social(Social Journalism), a new discipline". She is Ashoka fellow.

John Davidow | @johndavidow
John Davidow is Executive Producer of a 2010 Knight News Challenge winner. He is also executive editor of

Nonny de la Peña | @nonnydlp
Nonny de la Peña is co-founder of and is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with twenty years of journalism experience including as a correspondent for Newsweek. has A graduate of Harvard University, she is committed to pushing boundaries for entrepreneurial and technologically innovative journalistic endeavors.

Charles DeTar | @cdetar
MIT Center for Future Civic Media
Charlie DeTar is a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab and a fellow at the Center for Future Civic Media. He is co-founder of Between the Bars, a blogging platform for prisoners.

Gilberto Dimenstein
Folha de S.Paulo
Gilberto Dimenstein is Brazilian journalist, a fellow at Harvard Advanced Leadership Iniatiative, and founder of OpenCity Labs.

Stephen Doig | @sdoig
Cronkite School of Journalism, ASU
Steve Doig is the Knight Chair in Journalism at Arizona State University. Before joining ASU in 1996, he spent 20 years at the Miami Herald as an investigative reporter and research editor.

Shannon Dosemagen
Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science
Shannon Dosemagen is the Director of Community Engagement, Education and Outreach at the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science.

Audubon Dougherty | @pazonada
MIT Center for Future Civic Media
Audubon Dougherty is a research associate at MIT's Center for Future Civic Media interested in user-centered design across mobile & web platforms.

Justin Ellis | @JustinNXT
Nieman Journalism Lab
Justin Ellis is an assistant editor with the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University.

Zack Exley
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc
Zack Exley is the Chief Community Officer at the Wikimedia Foundation.

Sviatlana Fahmy
MIT Center for Future Civic Media, Comparative Media Studies
Sviatlana Fahmy is an assessment researcher for the MIT Center for Future Civic Media, Comparative Media Studies and Media Lab, whose research and teaching interests include community engagement, organizational performance, program evaluation, sociology of the nonprofit sector, and vulnerable populations. Prior her work at MIT, she was an evaluator, a lecturer, and a researcher for a number of projects conducted in cooperation with Wellesley College, Brandeis University, Boston University, Northeastern University, Belarusian State Educational University, the Big Sister Big Brother Organization and other nonprofits.

Adriano Farano | @farano
Adriano Farano is CEO, OWNI U.S. and Knight fellow '11 at Stanford University.

Chris Faulkner | @chrisfaulkner
Gridiron Communications
Chris Faulkner is a political consultant that focuses on voter contact strategies. He is a crazed football dad, aspiring foodie and semi-pro Disney World tour guide.

Marc Fest
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Marc Fest is the Vice President of Communications at Knight Foundation.

Pam Fine
University of Kansas
Pam Fine is the Knight Chair at the University of Kansas. She previously served in leadership roles at the Indianapolis Star, the Star Tribune in Minneapolis and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Brad Flora | @bradflora
Brad Flora is CEO and Founder of 2010 News Challenge winner NowSpots, which makes it really easy for newspapers to sell great online display ads.

Fabrice Florin | @fabriceflorin
Fabrice Florin is executive director and founder of, a social news network devoted to good journalism. He previously worked at Apple Computer and Macromedia -- and is an Ashoka Fellow.

Jean Folkerts
School of Journalism & Mass Communication, UNC Chapel Hill
Jean Folkerts is the dean of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Gregory Foster | @gregoryfoster
Consumers Union
Gregory Foster is a Web Developer with Consumers Union where he leads a project to collect, organize, and deploy personal stories at the intersection of journalism and advocacy.

Ben Fry | @ben_fry
Fathom Information Design
Ben Fry and his team at Fathom grind big data into little images.

Megan Garber | @megangarber
Nieman Journalism Lab
Megan Garber is an assistant editor at Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab, where she writes about news innovation.

Jesse James Garrett | @jjg
Adaptive Path
Jesse James Garrett is co-founder and president of Adaptive Path, a user experience design consultancy. He has worked with Twitter, Skype, NPR, PBS, and CNN, among many others.

Jessica Goldfin | @jgoldfin
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Jessica Goldfin is Special Assistant to the President at the Knight Foundation. Before that, she worked as an Associate in the foundation's Journalism/Media Innovation Program.

David Gordon
MIT Office of Foundation Relations
David Gordon is Senior Associate Director of Foundation Relations at MIT. In that role, he helps faculty get grants for major projects, including the Knight Foundation grant to the Center for Civic Media.

Rich Gordon | @richgor
Medill School, Northwestern University
Rich Gordon is professor and director of digital innovation at the Medill School, Northwestern University. He won a 2007 Knight News Challenge winner for a program to offer scholarships to software developers to study journalism at Medill.

Jon Gosier | @swiftriver
Jon Gosier is the Director of, a platform for curating real-time data. He is also the founder of Appfrica which builds capacity for high tech work in East Africa.

Thomas Grasty | @stroome
Tom Grasty is the co-founder of the collaborative video editing site, Stroome, a Knight 2010 News Challenge winner. An entrepreneurial digital and media strategist with a diverse professional background across the entertainment, advertising, public relations and Internet industries, Tom has overseen the production of over 100 hours of film, television, documentary and digital properties.

Daniel Green | @dangreen100
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Daniel Green is the head of Strategic Partnerships for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He previously was Senior Vice President of the Content Project for a Washington, DC based digital consulting firm and, prior to that, a senior producer for ABC News Nightline.

Adam Griffith
Western Carolina University
Adam Griffith is Director of Science and Coastal Environments at the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science. He is currently a Research Scientist in the Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines at Western Carolina University.

Nick Grossman | @nickgrossman
Civic Commons, OpenPlans
Nick is a student of cities and the internet. He is the co-founder and Managing Director of Civic Commons, a nonprofit that helps governments and civic institutions share technology, and the Open Cities Evangelist at OpenPlans, a nonprofit that produces civic media and builds open source software for cities.

Yesica Guerra
MIT Center for Future Civic Media, Crónicas de Héroes
Yesica Guerra is Cultural Diplomatic Representative and project lead of Crónicas de Héroes. Yesica, a researcher in urban design with a master's degree in Architecture and Urbanism from MIT, devotes most of her research in border issues between Mexico and the United States.

Habib Haddad | @habibh
Yamli, YallaStartup
Habib Haddad is a tech entrepreneur, Founder of Yamli and YallaStartup. He is focused on the MENASA region.

Andrew Haeg | @andrewhaeg
Public Insight Network | American Public Media
Andrew Haeg is editor and co-founder of the Public Insight Network at American Public Media. He previously was a business and economics correspondent for public radio and The Economist.

Keith Hammonds
Keith Hammonds is director of Ashoka's News & Knowledge initiative, a Knight-funded program that identifies and supports social entrepreneurs whose innovations better inform, connect, and engage people around the world.

Wendy Hanamura
Link Media, Inc.
Wendy Hanamura is VP/Strategy and General Manager of Link TV. Link has recently launched the Knight-funded semantic news platform and a platform for global development,

Sanjana Hattotuwa | @sanjanah
Sanjana Hattotuwa founded and curates Groundviews, a critically acclaimed citizen journalism site in Sri Lanka.

Liz Henry | @lizhenry
Liz Henry is a blogger and web producer for BlogHer, the woman's online media network. She is the editor of "A Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction", and the forthcoming "Unruly Islands".

Jeffrey Hermes | @citmedialaw
Citizen Media Law Project
Jeff Hermes is the Assistant Director of the Citizen Media Law Project. For the last fourteen years he practiced law in Boston, focusing on media and Internet issues.

Felipe Heusser | @fheusser
Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente
Felipe Heusser is the Founder and CEO of Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente. He is also an Ashoka Fellow, and PhD Candidate at the London School of Economics.

Amanda Hickman | @amandabee
Amanda Hickman is DocumentCloud's program director.

Philip Hilts
MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellowships
Philip Hilts is the director of the Knight Science Journalism program at MIT. He is an author a former New York Times correspondent.

Rick Hirsch | @rickhirsch
The Miami Herald
Rick Hirsch is managing editor of The Miami Herald. He previously led newsroom radio, video and digital news.

Matthew Hockenberry | @hockendougal
Matthew Hockenberry is the cofounder of Sourcemap, and a PhD student in NYU's Media, Culture, and Communication department.

Alex Hofmann | @alex4change
Alex Hofmann is CEO and co-founder of Changents, a Certified B Corporation that empowers social and environmental Change Agents through first-person storytelling and social media to connect with people, organizations and companies that want to help them. He has also helped socially and culturally-oriented media organizations including Sundance Institute, SnagFilms and The Paley Center for Media develop and launch new businesses on digital platforms. Alex was previously Senior Director of digital ventures at PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).

Henry Holtzman
MIT Media Lab
Henry Holtzman is a research scientist and the Chief Knowledge Officer of the MIT Media Lab. His research group, Information Ecology, explores how ecologies of devices and services can create seamless and pervasive connections between our physical environments and information resources.

Mathew Honan | @mat
Mat Honan is a senior reporter for Gizmodo and a founder of the made-in-48-hours Longshot magazine. He was previously a contributing editor to Wired magazine.

Gabriella Horvath
MIT Administrator
Gabriella Horvath is an administrator for the Center for Future Civic Media and the HyperStudio, Digital Humanities at MIT.

Brant Houston | @branthouston
University of Illinois
Brant Houston is the Knight Chair in Investigative Reporting at the University of Illinois. He previously was executive director of Investigative Reporters and Editors.

Alexander Howard | @digiphile
O'Reilly Media
Alexander B. Howard is the Government 2.0 Washington Correspondent for O'Reilly Media, where he reports on disruptive technology, open government and online civics. Intrigued by technological change, taken with ideas, cooking, the outdoors, books, dogs and media.

Rebecca Hurwitz | @beckyhurwitz
Becky Hurwitz is a Project Manager at MobileActive. She is particularly interested in creating usable and effective tools to aid social justice work and in demystifying the role of technology in social change.

Tim Hwang | @timhwang
The Institute on Higher Awesome Studies
Tim Hwang is the co-founder of the Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Science, a worldwide decentralized alliance of people focused on forwarding the interest of awesomeness in the universe.

Alberto Ibargüen
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Alberto Ibargüen is president and CEO of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, based in Miami, Florida. The foundation supports projects that promote informed and engaged communities and lead to transformational change.

Benjamin Ilfeld | @benilfeld
Macer Media LLC
Ben Ilfeld is co-founder of Macer Media LLC. Macer is the technology and media company behind The Sacramento Press.

Francis Irving | @frabcus
ScraperWiki Ltd
Francis Irving is CEO of ScraperWiki Ltd. At mySociety, he built world-leading democracy websites such as TheyWorkForYou, FixMyStreet and WhatDoTheyKnow.

Joi Ito | @joi
MIT Media Lab
Joi Ito is Executive Director of the MIT Media Lab,Chairman of Creative Commons, and board member of Global Voices, WITNESS, Mozilla Foundation.

Nigel Jacob
Boston City Hall
Nigel Jacob is the Co-Chair of the Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics.

Waldo Jaquith | @waldojaquith
The State Decoded
Waldo Jaquith is an open government technologist from Charlottesville, Virginia, where he works for the Miller Center at UVA.

Jeff Jarvis | @jeffjarvis
CUNY Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism
Jeff Jarvis directs the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. He is the author of Public Parts and What Would Google Do? and blogs at

Eva Kaplan
UN Global Pulse
Eva Kaplan is research manager at the United Nations Global Pulse, exploring the potential to use "new data" for development. She has previously worked at research institutions in the US, Kenya and the UK.

Stefan Kaspar | @GrupoChaski
Grupo Chaski
Stefan Kaspar and Grupo Chaski develop a model which permits to develop audiovisual culture as an integrated part of local development.

Gary Kebbel
University of Nebraska
Gary Kebbel is dean of the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is the former Journalism Program Director for the Knight Foundation.

Martin Keegan | @mk270
Open Knowledge Foundation
Martin Keegan is a software engineer and linguist, currently leading the Open Knowledge Foundation's OpenSpending project. He is also on the Open Knowledge Foundation's board, and has worked for SRI, Citrix, University of Cambridge and co-founded and worked for various civil society organisations.

Kulsoom Khan
Kulsoom Khan is the Asia Liaison at Ashoka, Innovators for the Publica, and manager of the Fellow Security Program.

Robert Kirkpatrick
UN Global Pulse
Robert Kirkpatrick is Director of UN Global Pulse initiative in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General. He is a career technologist focused on crisis resilience and organizational changes.

Yennenga Jocelyne Kompaoré
Yennenga Jocelyne Kompaore is founder of Performances in Burkina Faso. She takes advantage of recent advances in technology to develop an innovative approach to systematizing rural-based knowledge across Africa.

Larry Kramer | @lkramer
Larry Kramer was the founder and CEO of CBS, and was President of CBS Digital Media, Editor of the San Francisco Examiner and Assistant Managing Editor of the Washington Post.

Teru Kuwayama | @terukuwayama
Teru Kuwayama is a photographer whose work focuses on Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is a TED Global fellow and a 2010 Knight News Challenge grantee.

David LaFontaine | @davelafontaine
Artesian Media
David LaFontaine is a author, blogger, and multimedia producer. He co-founded the international consulting company Artesian Media, where he has focused on the way the mobile web and tablet platforms are affecting the news business.

Amy Starlight Lawrence | @amystarlight
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Amy Starlight Lawrence is a journalism program associate at Knight Foundation. Lawrence helps develop and manage grants to advance quality journalism, freedom of expression and media innovation worldwide.

Jetson Leder-Luis
Jetson Leder-Luis is a Stamps Scholar studying Applied Mathematics at Caltech. His current research is a statistical investigation of developmental aid fraud in Africa.

Jennifer Lee | @‎jenny8lee‎
Literary Producer
Jennifer 8. Lee is a journalist who has worked at The New York Times, is writing her second book, and about to start a literary studio.

Lorrie LeJeune
MIT Center for Future Civic Media
Lorrie LeJeune is the Program Manager at the Center for Future Civic Media.

Amanda Lenhart | @amanda_lenhart
Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project
Amanda Lenhart is a senior research specialist at the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. She directs the Project's research on children, youth and families, and their use of technology.

Juanita Leon
Juanita Leon is founder of, a political investigative news blog in Colombia. She is an Ashoka-Knight fellow and previously was editor-in-chief of, a new york based multimedia magazine.

Josh Levinger | @jlev
Citizen Engagement Lab
Josh Levinger is a 2010 graduate from the Center for Future Civic Media. He is currently the lead developer at the Citizen Engagement Lab in Berkeley, CA.

Scott Lewis | @vosdscott
Scott Lewis is the CEO of To relax, he likes to write about (and ideally make sense of) San Diego public affairs.

Ronnie Lovler | @RonnieLov
International Center for Journalists
Ronnie Lovler is about to begin a Knight International Journalism Fellowship in Colombia. Sheis a print,radio, television and online journalist with extensive experience in international journalism.

Phuong Ly | @gatewaycalif
John S. Knight Fellow/Stanford University
Phuong Ly is founder of Gateway California, an online platform that helps journalists connect with immigrants. The project, which launches later this year, was developed while she was at Stanford University as a 2010-11 John S. Knight Fellow.

Dianne Lynch
Stephens College
Dianne Lynch is the president of Stephens College, the second-oldest women's college in the country. She is a member of the Knight Foundation's Journalism Advisory Council and a former News Challenge winner.

Marika Lynch
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Marika Lynch is a communications consultant for Knight Foundation.

Colin Maclay | @cmac
Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Colin Maclay is the managing director of the Berkman Center, where he facilitates, researches, and teaches on a wide (and exciting) range of internet and society issues.

Christian Madera | @cpmadera
National Capital Planning Commission
Christian is the web and new media manager for the National Capital Planning Commission. He previously served as managing editor for Planetizen, and authored a column on Open Cities for Next American City magazine as a 2010 Rockefeller Urban Leaders Fellow.

Michael Maness | @michaelmaness
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Michael Maness joined Knight Foundation in 2011. He leads Knight’s Journalism and Media Innovation program as vice president.

Danielle Martin | @mizzdmartin
Independent Consultant
Danielle Martin was most recently the Manager of Program Admin & Support & Social Media for Digital Connectors at One Economy. She previously did community organizing and curriculum development for the Center for Future Civic Media's Departmentt of Play, is an urban planner, a trainer, and a media producer.

Jorge Martinez
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Jorge Martinez is Knight's Director of IT and leads its Library and Universal Access initatives.

Jessica Mayberry
Video Volunteers
Jessica Mayberry is the founder of Video Volunteers. Video Volunteers is empowering a network of grassroots media producers in voiceless communities.

Nadeem Mazen | @nadeemtron
Serious Business Design and Consulting
Nadeem Mazen is CEO of Serious Business, a design, software, and production firm that specializes in having fun and making art first, and funding it later.

Amy McCombs
Missouri School of Journalism
Amy McCombs is the Lee Hills Chair in Free-Press Studies at the Missouri School of Journalism. She previously served as a media executive at the Washington Post Company and the Chronicle Publishing Company.

Sean McDonald | @FrontlineSMS
Sean Martin McDonald is the Director of Operations: Americas for FrontlineSMS, where he founded the FrontlineSMS:Legal project. He focuses on the intersection of law, conflict resolution, development, and technology.

Lori McGlinchey | @macvie
Open Society Foundations
Lori McGlinchey is senior program officer for the Open Society Institute's Transparency and Integrity Fund.

Andrew McLaughlin | @mcandrew
Civic Commons
Andrew McLaughlin is a co-founder of Civic Commons and a fellow at Stanford Law School. Until recently, he served on President Obama's White House staff as Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the U.S.

Michele McLellan | @michelemclellan
Knight Circuit Rider
Michele McLellan is a Knight Circuit Rider, founder of Block by Block Community News Summit and Knight Digital Media Center programming consultant.

Alexa Mills | @MITCoLab
MIT Community Innovators Lab
Alexa Mills is the Community Media Specialist at the MIT Community Innovators Lab.

Martin Moore | @martinjemoore‎
Media Standards Trust
Martin Moore is the director of the Media Standards Trust, a UK-based independent charity working for quality, transparency and accountability in news on behalf of the public.

Malcolm Moran
Penn State University
Malcolm Moran is the Knight Chair in Sports Journalism and Society at Penn State University, and director of the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism.

Ben Moskowitz | @benrito
Ben Moskowitz is Mozilla's media program officer.

Seda Muradyan | @sedamur
Seda Muradyan is a journalist and 2010-2011 Knight Fellow at Stanford University.

Rekha Murthy | @rekha6
Rekha Murthy is Director of Projects + Partnerships at Public Radio Exchange (PRX). She received her Masters from MIT's Comparative Media Studies program in 2005.

Mohamed Nanabhay | @mohamed
Al Jazeera English
Mohamed Nanabhay is the Head of Online at Al Jazeera English. He previously founded Al Jazeera's New Media group and launched the companies Creative Commons repository.

Philip Neustrom | @philipn
Philip Neustrom is a hacker in the San Francisco Bay area and is currently co-directing the LocalWiki effort. He co-founded in 2004.

Eric Newton
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Eric Newton is Senior Adviser to the President at the Knight Foundation. Since 2001, he has developed some $300 million in grants to advance quality journalism, freedom of expression and media innovation worldwide.

Caroline Nolan
Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Caroline Nolan is a Project Manager and researcher at the Berkman Center. She currently contributes to Berkman's Law Lab project, Cloud Computing series, work on the Global Network Initiative, in addition to other initiatives and events.

Mike Norman | @MikejNorman
Mike Norman is the founder of, a website that helps groups of consumers convince companies to improve local communities and the environment.

Kara Oehler | @karaoehler
Kara Oehler is a Peabody award-winning audio documentarian, Executive Director of the non-profit Media And Place (MAP) Productions and a Co-Founder of metaLAB (at) Harvard, a hub for media innovation at the Berkman Center. With James Burns and Jesse Shapins, she is Co-Founder of Zeega, an open-source HTML5 platform for creating works of interactive journalism.

Max Ogden | @maxogden
Code for America
Max Ogden is currently a Code for America Fellow. He is a programmer and community organizer working on open government data and community engagement around the country.

Andy Oram | @praxagora
O'Reilly Media
Andy Oram, an editor for the technical publisher O'Reilly Media, writes frequently about policy issues related to the Internet and about trends affecting technical innovation and its effects on society.

Luisa Ortiz | @LuOrtiz
Nova Mexico, Digital Solutions
Luisa Ortiz is founder and CEO of Nova Mexico. She is former editor and producer for, Yahoo! Mexico, NPR and BBC.

Damián Osta Mattos
la diaria
Damian founded La Diaria, a newspaper available in print and online, offering high-quality information especially to young audiences. At its launch in 2006, La Diaria printed 1,200 copies per day; four years later, it has become the third most read daily in Uruguay, with 7,000 subscribers.

Reinaldo Pamponet
Reinaldo Pamponet is co-founder of Itsnoon. He previously served as CEO of Eletrocooperativa where he also was the co-founder.

Jim Paradis
MIT Comparative Media Studies
Jim Paradis is the Interim Director of the Comparative Media Studies Program and the Robert M. Metcalfe Professor of Writing and Humanistic Studies. He is currently working on an edited volume on Civic Media.

Mayur Patel
John S. & James L. Knight Foundation
Mayur Patel is Vice President/Strategy and Assessment at the Knight Foundation.

Susan Patterson
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Susan Patterson is Knight Foundaton's program director in Charlotte. She co-manages the Knight Community Information Challenge.

Miguel Paz | @miguelpaz
Miguel Paz is founder of Poderopedia and is a Chilean journalist.

Emerson Pereira | @emerson_etho
Colégio Bandeirantes
Emerson Pereira is a business administrator, engineer and entrepreneur, and is a strategist and specialist in organisational development. Leading teams in the private and public sector, he has directed processes of brand repositioning, institutional relationships and organisational change.

Andrew Phelps | @andrewphelps
Nieman Journalism Lab
Andrew Phelps is a staff writer for the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University. He covers innovation in the news business.

Vikki Porter | @vikkiporter
Knight Digital Media Center
Vikki Porter directs the Knight Digital Media Center at USC Annenberg, focusing on digital strategies and sustainability for news leaders and news entrepreneurs.

Chiranuch Premchaiporn | @jiew
Chiranuch Premchaiporn is a director of Prachatai, an online media in Thailand. And she also affiliates with Thai Netizens Network.

Aaron Presnall
Jefferson Institute
Aaron Presnall, a political economist, is president and founder of the Jefferson Institute.

Hong Qu
Hong Qu is an UX designer. He has worked for YouTube, Google, Yahoo, and many startups.

Intisar Rabb
Intisar Rabb is co-founder of islawmix, a project in collaboration with Harvard's Berkman Center to provide smart aggregation, trending data, and context for growing spaces where issues of Islamic law mix with news media and public policy. She is an assistant professor of comparative constitutional law and Islamic law at Boston College Law School and a research fellow at Harvard Law School.

Lexy Horo Rambadeta
offstream films
Lexy Rambadeta is an independent video journalist and a docomaker, based in Jakarta-Indonesia. He is founder of offstream films.

Bahia Ramos-Synnott
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Bahia Ramos is the program director for community foundations at Knight Foundation. She is also a co-director for the Knight Community Information Challenge.

Kate Ray | @kraykray
Nerd Collider
Kate Ray is the co-founder of Nerd Collider.

Mitchel Resnick | @mres
MIT Media Lab
Mitchel Resnick is Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab and co-PI of the MIT Center for Future Civic Media.

Nicholas Reville | @nreville
Participatory Culture
Nicholas Reville is Co-Founder and Executive Director of PCF, which makes Miro, Miro Community, and Universal Subtitles.

Wesley Richardson
Wesley Richardson is a New England based filmmaker and educator who uses media to explore race, class, and identity. He currently is the Media Production and Education Manager at Amplifyme.

Gail Robinson | @GailNrobinson
Gotham Gazette
Gail Robinson is editor in chief of Gotham Gazette, where she has worked since 2000. Prior to that, she was education reporter for a daily paper, executive editor of a foreign affairs magazine, editor/writer for an environmental magazine and in charge of political coverage for a major national feature syndicate.

Fernando Rodriguez-Vila | @UnivisionNews
Univision News
Fernando Rodriguez-Vila is English News Director for Univision.

Dharmishta Rood | @dharmishta
Dharmishta Rood is a researcher at HBS, a festival organizer at MIT and a fellow at the Center for Future Civic Media.

David Rosenberg
University of Cambridge
David Rosenberg is a student at Cambridge University although he graduates in two weeks. He was a Knight News Challenge final round judge and former online editor of Cambridge's student newspaper.

Ayman Salah | @aymansalah1970
International Center for Journalists
Ayman Salah is an entrepreneur and experienced media business developer who joined Media Development Program (MDP) Egypt in 2007to help MDP partners capitalize on their content. Ayman also acted as an evangelist for media business strategy and new media convergence among all MDP partners, including for universities.

Geoff Samek | @gsamek
Macer Media LLC
Geoff Samek is the founder of Macer Media LLC and The Sacramento Press, currently working their as VP of Product. He formerly worked in the San Francisco Bay Area as a senior web developer for Live Nation.

Yesenia Sanchez
Yesenia Sanchez is founder of P.A.S.O., a community organization that brings together unique model of community organizing, leadership development and civic engagement. She is also board member of ICIRR, state-wide coalition focused on immigrant integration to build immmigrant power.

Alexandre Sayad
Colégio Bandeirantes
Alexandre Sayad is journalist and educator focused on media literacy, education and human rights, coordinating several projects.

Jan Schaffer
J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism
Jan Schaffer is director of J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism. J-Lab is a journalism catalyst with a long track record of igniting news ideas that work.

Eric Schoenborn
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Eric Cade Schoenborn joined Knight Foundation as the foundation's online community manager in April 2010. He is a seasoned new media and print professional native to strategy, creative and development.

Dan Schultz | @slifty
MIT Center for Future Civic Media
Dan Schultz is a grad student at the MIT Media Lab, research associate at the C4FCM, and a 2007 News Challenge winner.

Brad Seawell
MIT Communications Forum
Brad Seawell coordinates the MIT Communications Forum and helps to promote and organize some CMS public events. He is associate editor of the media-in-transition anthologies Rethinking New Media: The Aesthetics of Transition and Democracy and New Media.

Aaditeshwar Seth
Gram Vaani Community Media, IIT Delhi
Aaditeshwar Seth is co-founder of Gram Vaani Community Media, a venture focused on using community media for development in rural areas of India.

Jake Shapiro | @jakeshapiro
PRX Public Radio Exchange
Jake Shapiro is founding CEO of Public Radio Exchange (PRX Inc.) an open online marketplace connecting independent producers, local stations, and the public. Since its launch in 2003 PRX has been an innovator in public media, pioneering new distribution models, developing mobile applications, and investing in creative content from new voices. In 2008 PRX received the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions and in 2010 PRX was selected as a winner of the Knight News Challenge.

Jorge Luis Sierra | @latinointx
International Center for Journalists
Jorge Luis Sierra is a Knight International Journalism Fellow who is leading an investigative journalism project on crime and corruption in Panama. Promoted publicly through a collaborative group of newspapers and television stations, the site highlights reports sent in by readers and viewers to identify trends in an area rife with organized crime.

Dan Sinker | @dansinker
Columbia College Chicago
Daniel Sinker teaches in the journalism department at Columbia College Chicago. He also builds lots of things on the side.

Phillip Smith | @phillipadsmith
Phillip Smith is a digital publishing expert. He currently works to advance the field of "news innovation" through Mozilla.

Pam Smith | @ilovemyanythink
Anythink Libraries
Pam Smith is the Library Director of Anythink Libraries, a new style of library centered around creativity and lifelong learning.

Jonathan Sotsky
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Jonathan Sotsky is the Strategic Assessment Officer at the Knight Foundation. He works with program staff and grant partners to measure the impact of foundation grants and to inform ongoing strategy.

Jason Spingarn-Koff | @life2pointO
MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellow
Jason Spingarn-Koff is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and 2010-2011 MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellow. His latest film “Life 2.0” premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and will be featured in August on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network.

Anurag Sridharan | @Nextdrop
Anu Sridharan is a Co Founder and CEO of NextDrop.

Regan St. Pierre | @reganstp
MIT Center for Future Civic Media
Regan St. Pierre is the Community Outreach Manager for the MIT Center for Future Civic Media.

Vincent Stehle
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Vincent Stehle, a consultant supporting media innovation in the Journalism Program at Knight Foundation, was previously Program Director for Nonprofit Sector Support at the Surdna Foundation. Stehle is a member of the board of Grantmakers in Film and Electronic Media and in July will become Vice President for Programs at the Democracy Fund.

Matthew Stepka
Matthew Stepka is currently Vice President, Business Operations at Google. Matthew leads four strategic teams Pricing, Access, Green and Google Ideas.

Jonathan Stray | @jonathanstray
Associated Press
Jonathan Stray is the interactive technology editor of the Associated Press. He was formerly a freelance reporter in Hong Kong, and a computer scientist with Adobe Systems.

Talia Stroud
University of Texas at Austin
Natalie (Talia) Stroud teaches in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. She also is the Assistant Director of the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Participation.

Erik Sundelof | @eriksundelof
Erik Sundelof is the CTO of Spot.Us and was a co-founder of

Mark Surman | @msurman
Mark Surman is the executive director of the Mozilla Foundation, the non-profit that makes Firefox. Before joining Mozilla, Mark was an open philanthropy fellow at the Shuttleworth Foundation in South Africa, the founding director of, and president of the Commons Group. Mark’s first real job was training social activists to make their own documentaries in the early 1990s.

Patricia Thomas | @ugahealthjourn
University of Georgia
Patricia Thomas is the Knight Chair in Health and Medical Journalism at the University of Georgia. She is a journalist and author with decades of experience covering science, health and medicine.

Maria Thomas | @pesmou
Axios Ventures
Maria Thomas is a free agent currently serving as CEO of a newly formed e-commerce & content venture in NYC. She was previously CEO of Etsy and SVP/GM at NPR Digital Media.

David Thorburn
David Thorburn is Professor of Literature and Comparative Media and Director of the MIT Communications Forum.

Ryan Thornburg | @rtburg
University of North Carolina
Ryan Thornburg is an assistant professor at the UNC School of Journalism & Mass Communication and author of Producing Online News.

Baratunde Thurston | @baratunde
The Onion
Baratunde Thurston is the Director of Digital for The Onion, co-founder of Jack & Jill Politics and tweets hard about things that matter.

Jennifer Toomey
Ford Foundation
Jenny Toomey is the Ford Foundation Program officer for the Media Rights and Access portfolio.

Susan Tresch Fienberg
MIT Comparative Media Studies
Susan Tresch Fienberg is Development Officer of Comparative Media Studies at MIT.

Hugo Van Vuuren | @hugovanvuuren
Berkman Center
Hugo Van Vuuren is an entrepreneurial graduate student at the Harvard GSD and Fellow at the Berkman Center.

Jon Vidar | @jonkaj
The Tiziano Project
Jon Vidar is a freelance photojournalist, a digital strategist, and the Executive Director of the Tiziano Project. His work focuses on capturing moments and telling stories collaboratively through new media and visual imagery.

Laura Walker
New York Public Radio
Laura R. Walker is President and CEO of New York Public Radio, comprised of WNYC-FM, WNYC-AM, and Classical 105.9 WQXR.

Janine Warner | @janinewarner
Janine Warner is an author, video host, and Internet consultant. She began her career as a journalist and editor and served as Director of New Media for the Miami Herald in the late 1990s.

Jeffrey Warren
Public Laboratory
Jeffrey Warren is Research Director of the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science. He does DIY civic science and environmental investigation with local communities and activists.

Amy Webb | @webbmedia
Webbmedia Group
Amy Webb is the CEO of Webbmedia Group, a digital strategy and corporate training agency. She sits on numerous boards, advises startups in the emerging tech space and endeavors to help others bring awesome projects and ideas to fruition.

Andrew Whitacre | @akwhitacre
MIT Center for Future Civic Media
Andrew Whitacre is the communications manager for MIT Comparative Media Studies and two of its research groups, including the Center for Future Civic Media.

Conor White-Sullivan | @Conaw
Conor White-Sullivan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Localocracy, a web platform that helps newspapers convert passive readers into passionate community members.

Ben Wirz
Knight Foundation
Ben Wirz is director of business consulting for Knight Foundation.

Chrys Wu | @MacDiva
Matchstrike LLC
Chrys Wu is a journalist, strategist, coder and cook. When she’s not meeting, greeting and connecting journalists and technologists as a co-organizer of Hacks/Hackers, she is a user engagement strategist and a consultant to the Knight News Challenge.

Sara Wylie
Public Laboratory, MIT ExtrAct, RISD Digital+Media
Sara Wylie is a co-founder of Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (PLOTS) and of MIT's ExtrAct Project.

Christina Xu | @chrysaora
Breadpig / Institute on Higher Awesome Studies
Christina Xu multitasks at Breadpig, an uncorporation that directs geek resources towards fixing the world. She is also the founding director of the Institute on Higher Awesome Studies, a fledgling nonprofit that promotes microgranting as a new alternative to traditional funding.

Jose Zamora | @jczamora
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Jose Zamora joined Knight Foundation in 2007. Jose helps manage Knight Foundation’s digital journalism portfolio and co-manages the Knight News Challenge.

Jonathan Zittrain | @zittrain
Berkman Center for Internet & Society
Jonathan Zittrain teaches cyberlaw at Harvard University.

Alexander Zolotarev | @sochireporter
Alexander Zolotarev is the Founder and CEO of, a 2008 KNC-winning project, documenting the changes happening in Sochi, Russia as the city prepares to host the 2014 Winter Olympics. Alexander is also an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University.

Ethan Zuckerman | @ethanz
Global Voices
Ethan Zuckerman is senior researcher at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society and cofounder of Global Voices. He is also a fellow at the Center for Future Civic Media.