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Media Consolidation in the Political Economy of Industrialized Culture

Admittedly, I am getting a late start on this week’s blog post, primarily due to the fact that to understand Garnham’s “Political Economy of Mass Communication,” I needed some serious contextualization. My undergraduate business education provided very little background on political economy (at least, not from a purely Marxist standpoint), and certainly nothing on the idealists of the bourgeois cultural society.

But the extra time allowed me to comment on what Garnham (or Uricchio, or Chakravartty) might think about a few of the announcements made in the “media” industry this morning. Specifically, the “non-merger merger” (a term paraphrased from The New York Times’ Brian Stelter) of Yahoo! and ABC News is indicative of the media landscape roll-up that has been occurring over the past few decades.