White House CTO Todd Park: Civic Media know-your-rights audio interface is "super-cool!" | MIT Center for Civic Media

White House CTO Todd Park: Civic Media know-your-rights audio interface is "super-cool!"


Marisa Jahn presents NDNS at Safety DataPaloozaMarisa and Anjum from REV- with White House CTO Todd Park

I just received the following email from Marisa Jahn, Executive Director of REV-, who we've been working with on the New Day, New Standard (NDNS) interactive know-your-rights hotline for domestic workers in New York State. TL;DR: The NDNS team presented at the White House Safety DataPalooza; the low-tech, accessible approach impressed the crowd; we've got OpenGov folks talking about how to use audio interfaces to make all kinds of safety data more accessible to working people. Read Becky Hurwitz' case study of NDNS here, and Marisa's email below. 

Hi New Day New Standard collaborators -

We're excited to share some great news with you all. Earlier this summer, 'New Day New Standard' caught the attention of a White House senior adviser who happens to be a social entrepreneur and techie. He loved it and reached out to us to see if we'd develop something similar in support of the White House Safety Data Initiative, an Open Government project that's using data empower people to make safer decisions. We've been speaking with a few different federal sectors about how our tool can help outreach to other low-income workers, immigrants, and youth.

On Friday, September 14, Anjum Asharia (REV-/PPH) and I went to DC to present our work at the White House's "Safety DataPalooza" (that's right ;) where our project was enthusiastically received! People from all kinds of backgrounds ≈Washington bureaucrats, union bigwigs, environmentalists, Silicon Valley techies≈ appreciated our creativity and low-tech approach (we were the *only* non-smartphone app), and were impressed with our impact.

Todd Park, White House Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President called it "super-cool!" So I wanted to pass on this compliment to all of you, and to thank you for your hard work so far on New Day New Standard! Palooza pics
here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hello_rev/sets/72157631584064133/with/8007170804/

A second piece of news, and an opportunity to keep the momentum going strong: the Spanish version of New Day New Standard is officially launching this month! We are initiating a month-long press blitz with outreach to various NYC media outlets, with emphasis on reaching out to the ethnic press. We have plenty of hotline business cards for you to use in outreach, let us know when we can bring these to you!

As some of you may know, in it's first month alone, the hotline informed 600+ domestic workers and employers about the new laws. It's gotten rave reviews from the BBC and GOOD Magazine, and is circulating widely on parenting listservs.

We're working hard make sure that all 200,000+ domestic workers, their employers, as well as the general public hear about the Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights and the movement that made it happen; and we really appreciate your continued support and involvement in this process! You all have been an amazing team and an honor to work with. Thank you again!

Warmest Regards,

-- Marisa Jahn, Executive Director, REV- (www.rev-it.org) People's Production House (peoplesproductionhouse.org); 666 Broadway, Suite 500 ¼; New York, NY 10012.