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Project Update: Citizen displacement in La Fortaleza (The use of eminent domain in the war on drugs)

As I mentioned on my previous post, I solicited information to the Mexico City government regarding the eminent domain locations I have been researching. To my dismay, the 2nd of november a decree from the governor was issued, sealing all documentation pertaining said incidents. This means that all information regarding this incident (from the executive, the legislative and the judicial) is considered confidencial and cannot be available.
This furthers my concentration on the 2006 incident of La Fortaleza and its 4 year development, as well as its historic precedent (1985 earthquake World Bank redevelopment program).
I have gathered substantial information, media clippings and other documentation regarding this incident. My subsequent plan is to develop a timeline. After Sasha's presentation on the incredible work being done by #hurricanehackers I was really inspired by the timeline tool presented there. I am planning in the following couple of weeks to comprise a timeline that frames and describes the history of this particular property using

I interviewed two lawyers this past week. One of them focused on criminal law and the other one is an expert in property rights and eminent domain. They were incredibly helpful in framing the research, providing legal precedents and further understanding the implications of said law in citizens lives.

I also received from the Human Rights Comission in Mexico City the information regarding claims of violation of Human Rights regarding the use of eminent domain under this context. I also received the one pertaining specifically to La Fortaleza.

At the same time I have been looking at the work of CUP and their Making Policy Public. I am interested in the way they narrate complex sets of relationships regarding specific policy and create interesting media that describes the particular policy issue and its context and implications. Given that one of the main issues surrounding this issue is its complexity and lack of transparency, I also intend to create a visual narrative that describes the implication of the law (Extincion de Dominio), and links it to the particular history I am exploring as case study (La Fortaleza)
Hopefully by my next blogpost I am able to provide a link to my progress using this tool and the visuals I am working on and get some feedback on the way I can move forward both tools into consolidating a cohesive project for the end of the semester.