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This Week in Civic Media 08.20.10: SXSW, more open bus data, and "Add more crowd!"

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  • Great run-down of copyright law/licensing: "Who Owns Your E-Book of 'War and Peace'? Probably Not You"

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This Week in Civic Media 08.06.10: Department of Play Summer Institute, new "Data Into Action" blog, CoLab Radio

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Another wartime disconnect

We're in the midst of another wartime disconnect, though it's different this time around.

During the Vietnam War, the disconnect was between the government and its citizens. With the publishing of the Pentagon Papers, the press solidified a long-suspected belief that the government, through its spokespersons and the military, was misleading the public about the prosecution of the war.

Because they were published in 1971, the Pentagon Papers were late to the game, so to speak, to affect public opinion about the war. Yet they helped turn Americans away from their government: Americans knew their government had failed them, and since then, but for times of extreme crisis, Americans haven't trusted their government to make best-interest decisions.

Today there is another disconnect, highlighted by Wikileaks' publication of tens of thousands of documents purporting to show that the war in Afghanistan is going much worse and with much more innocent bloodshed than the government has admitted. Wikileaks frames this documentation similar to that of the Pentagon Papers, claiming that there's dissonance in what the government is saying and what the public now knows.

This Week in Civic Media 07.23.10: Red Ink is Knight-Batten Notable Entry; Youth, Video, and Gaza

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  • Congrats to our Ryan O'Toole on his Red Ink consumer financial data platform, honored as a Knight-Batten Notable Entry
  • Filming and Editing with youth in Jabaliya refugee camp, Gaza – Week 3
  • Creative Writing & Filming with youth in Jabaliya refugee camp, Gaza – Week 2

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Shirley Sherrod Episode

Jennifer Gaie Hellum on "Creating a Flickr Account Suitable for an Aspiring Multimedia Journalist"

Where does your personal photostream end and your professional one begin?

If you're a journalist asking that question, Jennifer Gaie Hellum at the University of Arizona's a nice post for you. Turns out, it's not as simple as you think, at least if you're new to Flickr.

Among the items of advice, given that it's nearly impossible to "professionalize" a Flickr photostream that started off with personal items, are:

Red Ink project honored for innovation in journalism

Red Ink, a Center project developed by Ryan O'Toole to help consumers make better collective financial decisions, was named a notable entry in this week's 2010 Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism.

Said O'Toole, "It's cool, whether talking to advisers or people I'm collaborating with, to get this kind of recognition, not only from outside MIT but from such an established journalism institution."

O'Toole says he's humbled to be in the company the other winning projects. "When you look at that list, it's striking."

His joins other notable entries such as Community Centered Advertising, created by Knight News Challenge winner Spot.Us, a collaborative local journalism project from the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal for iPad.

This Week in Civic Media 07.16.10: Center job opening, @digidave becomes a Reynolds Fellow

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  • "My job, let me show you it": @chrysaora tells you why you should apply for our Outreach Coordinator position

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  • Mass. newspaper combating offensive commenters with one-time $0.99 charge and use of real names
  • @Poynter: Gannett papers to add jobs for hubs. // Charles Apple says there are smart aspects to Gannett's plan.
  • Best of luck to Khoi Vinh, who's announced he's leaving his design director position at

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Job opening at the Center: Outreach Coordinator

The Center for Future Civic Media is adding an Outreach Coordinator--an amazing chance to help place incredible civic media work directly into communities. Interested? Apply via the link below, or forward it along to qualified friends...


Title: Outreach Coordinator
Req Number: mit-00007036
Department: Media Laboratory
Location(s): Cambridge MA
FT/PT: Full Time
Employment / Payroll Category: SRS (Administrative)
Work Shift:

This Week in Civic Media 06.28.10: FNCM recap, lots on open data/visualization

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  • @c4fcm's Ryan O'Toole gets grant to pitch Red Ink at Innovate100 in August
  • "Local competition inspires creative use of public-private space" via @mitnews
  • Hey @hockendougal and @amerigo: RT @ryan_thornburg: is the Ushahidi of 2010

Knight News Challenge/FNCM