This Week in Civic Media: Video, "Design for Vulnerable Populations"; VoIP Drupal webinar Thursday | MIT Center for Civic Media

From the Center

  • Video: Civic Media Session, "Design for Vulnerable Populations" moderated by @cdetar

Events this week

  • VoIP Drupal webinar, Thursday 1pm. Learn how easy it is to use VoIP Drupal to build websites that pick up the phone, make calls, record messages, broadcast audio, and more.

More on VoIP Drupal

  • Leo Burd and Owen Barton discuss VoIP Drupal, a platform to integrate voice and web through Drupal...

Between the Bars, our prison blogging platform

  • @ReganStP: New Site Helps Inmates Blog from Behind Bars via @TechNewsDaily @c4fcm

Bin Laden death

  • In race to be first, major news orgs wildly misreport bin Laden death, but "facts" stick
  • @dangillmor: Lots of non-US perspective of Bin Laden killing from Global Voices:
  • Bin Laden death led to record 3,000 tweets/second (including tweets from man down the road from compound)

"Kabletown" regulation may come to Boston

  • Despite higher competition, Comcast may be subject to rate regulation in Boston after raising prices 60% in three years


  • "What can Journalists Learn from The Daily Show: An Interview with Amber Day" via @henryjenkins
  • Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.: "Update Presidential Records Act so we can archive communications via all staff devices"
  • Win a Newsroom Fellowship by Rethinking Video Storytelling