This Week in Civic Media: In less than two weeks, a new website and the Knight News Challenge announcement | MIT Center for Civic Media

From the Center

  • Prep for bean spillage: new website, News Challenge announcement, new everything

The Future of News May Be Too Fast

  • Slow down and smell the facts: In rush, national media reports local media's gory but 100% untrue story

Censorship and Transparency

  • MT @jayrosen_nyu: Turns out the Palin emails are a kind of milestone in pro-am journalism, as an inflection point.
  • "It's long past time for government to get over its skittishness about digital redaction."

Shadow Internet for dissidents

More reason we need

  • RT @mp3michael: "@dhh: Half of all US prison inmates are doing time for drug offenses. Cost: $3.4B/yr

A defiant, creative resurrection in Grand Rapids

Secure SMS's

  • From 2009 and re-highlighted by @mobileactive this week: "Secure Protocol for Short Message Service"