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21 Days Cambridge: The Question Review Panel

Member of the question review panel reviewing the submissions.
Question Review Panel reading and discussing submissions for Domestic Violence Campaign.

For my final project in Civic Media, I am writing a case study about the 21 Days of Questions, 365 Days of Action Domestic Violence Campaign in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The Campaign aims to collect questions about domestic violence from as many people as possible from the Cambridge community via text, e-mail, phone using the vojo.co platform as well as through paper submissions.  The idea is that meaningful questions from the public can help shape a broader, actionable agenda around the issue.  Throughout the past month, over 1,000 questions were collected.  Approximately 500 were submitted electronically through vojo and the other 500 were hand collected or submitted on paper.  A random sample of about 300 questions were intensely studied and coded by the planning committee to recognize emergent themes.  These themes were:

- Defining Domestic Violence (68 Questions)
- Support for Stopping and Recovering (88 Questions)
- Children and Teens (70 Questions)
- Prevention and Eradication (32 Questions)

Once these themes were established, on November 29th, a question review panel comprised of 75 civic leaders and community members convened at MIT to review the questions in each of the above categories and select 16 (4 from each category) that were representative of the larger themes that were common among all submissions.

These final 16 questons will be presented to the larger Cambridge community and a public event in January 2013, where the the hope is that people will come together and form action plans around the questions.