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Boston Civic Media Consortium: Teaching Climate, Inspiring Action


Boston Civic Media Consortium: Teaching Climate, Inspiring Action

Friday 24th March 2017

Lara Baladi: Vox Populi, Archiving a Revolution in the Digital Age

Lara Baladi introduces us to her project "Archiving a Revolution", which documents the story of the Tahrir Squre protests. Developing over several years, Baladi has transformed her visual archive into a several projects, including an art installation.

Baladi introduces her project, "Archiving a Revolution," as crossing disciplinary boundaries. It comes at a poignant time, as the Egyptian revolution begins to be erased. Baladi is a visual artist by trade, and she spends a lot of time curating visual archives as part of her projects though  working across disciplines and mediums in her projects. Tahrir square and the revolution is a project that is very close to Baladi's heart, having herself taken part in the protest and seen the power of the grassroots videos that were shared. 

Boy Better Get To Know: Why Britain Needs to Recognise and Celebrate its Black Artists

For the past few years, grime has been making a small but significant shift in the mainstream. Artists like Wiley, Dizzee and Tinie have spilled over into the realms of pop culture. Others, like Skepta, spilled over and pulled back again, wanting to forge their own way into the limelight without conforming to polished beats and signing to major labels.

There’s no question: artists like Wiley and the Roll Deep crew set the stage for this new wave of artists. Without Dizzee’s enduring popularity, his ability to draw crowds at festivals across the globe and collaborate with some of the world’s biggest producers, it’s unlikely that artists like Skepta, Stormzy and Krept and Konan would be in a position to retain a larger sense of their roots.

Dr. Paloma Duong on El Paquete and digital access in Cuba


Paloma Duong (MIT Global Studies and Languages):

   "Digital Media, Youth Culture, and the Public Sphere in Contemporary Havana"


Paloma began outlining the three core projects within her presentation:

CMS.860: Intro to Civic Media | Week 2: Networked Social Movements

CMS.860: Intro to Civic Media
Week 2:  Networked Social Movements



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Platform Cooperativism: Co-Op Development: Incubators and Decelarators

This discussion aimed to investigate the factors that help and discourage cooperative success. Each of the panellists has direct experience in cooperative groups and the time is divided so each has separate time to explain their own experiences. This post is a live-blog of the session, which is a part of the 2015 Platform Cooperativism conference at the New School, NYC.

Building New Supports for the New Workforce: The Role of Solidarity and New Labor Institutions

What is happening to the economic activity generated by all the great projects we are a part of?

As a part of the 2015 Platform Cooperativism conference at the New School, NYC, this session brought together different perspectives -including those with experience founding new labour organisations- to discuss how the role of labour is changing and which innovations can best ensure it’s supported.

Platform Cooperativism: Conditions of Possibility

Today, I’m here at the New School in New York City with Nathan Matias for the Platform Cooperativism conference, which is bringing together a remarkable range of speakers on the theme of creating online platforms that are owned and operated by their users and workers. These two days feature speakers from a wide range of academic disciplines alongside people sharing their experiences of running co-ops and advocating for fair work in platform economies.

Empathy and Israeli (in)Security: Reflections on Miri Eisin’s "Security and Safety, Challenges and Opportunities"


Miri Eisin is a former Colonel of the Israeli Defence Force. Her talk at MIT on the 2nd November 2015 prompted the question of how to fight the reification of victimhood narratives within the dialogues of protracted conflict situations and how to make room for emotion within our understandings of 'rational negotiations'.