[Pictures] Hanging out with the NYC peers

I recently came across a term, “deep hanging out,” as a casual way of describing ethnography. That pretty much sums up my summer in New York City. Thanks for coming along on my summer thesis research; here’s a peek at some goings-on and quirks at these fascinating groups!

Anyone who visits Etsy must wear a name tag and list at least one thing they love. Some future possibilities: tupperware, chocolate, neighborhoods, Evernote.

Andrew Wagner (right) oversees Krrb. He’s chatting with ARChive of Contemporary Music founder Bob George about all the famous musicians who have donated their collections to the archive. ARChive is a Krrb shop corner that sells its record doubles. They are scanning the entire collection for the Internet Archive.


Skillshare is well-known for their creative online courses, but they started out with physical gatherings. Even West Elm in DUMBO has signed up as a Skillshare instructor!


New chefs to KitchenSurfing prove themselves at the semi-weekly test-kitchen. This time, five teams and six chefs demonstrate their menus. “Team Marias” work away at the left, food porn in the making on the right.

Shapeways‘ “calling card” (more accurately, calling cube) can only be created through 3D printing. This jiggly had some of my Media Lab fabrication friends wondering about material and the printing paths.

If you’ve ever taken the NYC subway, you’ve probably noticed Freelancers Union‘s gorgeous adverts. At the office, they combine print and handmade. On this poster, the strokes were penciled in, and the fill is actually medical supplies cut to spell out “Who knew that something as practical as buying health insurance may do something as noble as shaping the future of healthcare?”

Quirky gathers its product team and inventor community every week to evaluate which products they should develop. Here, community members drop in digitally to Quirky HQ.

A rainy day out of Union Square Ventures is still beautiful. Probably helps to be on the 19th floor.

[Channeling Bill Nye] Did you know that….? Collaborative Fund‘s founder, Craig Shapiro (@cshapiro), is a budding graffiti artist. #NowYouKnow