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What’s Curious about Curious City?

Hmmm. What’s going on in Chicago? Jennifer Brandel’s new concept for topsy-turvying standard news agenda setting in a major public media newsroom is about to spread.

Read Knight’s announcement *snip* the project offers an experimental Internet-based model for community-powered content creation online and on-air and empowers the public to suggest, vote on and participate in stories as they are reported *snip*

Brandel is one of the dozen lead producers AIR hired and dispatched to help build new innovation capacity at local public radio and television stations across the US, and carry public media into new corners of the local community. This spring, after a year of R&D, the projects are blossoming and we’re seeing a new cohort of producer-entrepreneurs emerge from an exciting field of production ( With the support of Knight, Curious City is, indeed, out front of its sister projects, moving to prototype the model. Others are expected to follow. About 50 public media news directors showed up recently at a webinar to satisfy … well… their curiosity. You can go deeper into Brandel’s thinking by checking it out at And, to get a better look at the ground level experience of our ten production teams, watch our 30-minute documentary @