Creating Technology for Social Change

Sourcemap is Hiring!

Civic Media Fans,

Sourcemap was one of the first spin-offs from the Center for Civic Media, and we’ve just landed exciting new projects in West Africa and in Latin America. We’re looking for special people to fill the spots. See our job call below.


Are you fascinated with how things are made? Then you’ll love working at Sourcemap. We’re building software that revolutionizes the way we share information about supply chains: where things come from, what they’re made of, and their social/environmental impact. And we’re delivering it to clients including multinationals, governments, activists and NGO’s. Sourcemap is hiring full-time employees to join our team based in Central Square, Cambridge (MA). We are looking for enthusiastic people with experience in:

Object-Oriented Programming (PHP, Python, JS)
Sales and Support
Design and Media Production

Email resumes, code samples and portfolios to: