LeaksWiki: Transparency for the future of leaking

For my Intro to Civic Media final project, I made LeaksWiki. LeaksWiki is a wiki about leaking organizations, the tools and methods used in leaking, and how leaking can improve in the future. The goal of LeaksWiki is to make leaking safer, easier, and more effective through a transparent understanding and analysis of leaking organizations. Both LeaksWiki and my final paper present a framework of leaking ideologies from radical transparency to selective release. They also explore a general leaking process that all leaking organizations roughly follow through both case studies and detailed discussion of each step of the process. Finally, LeaksWiki and my paper propose potential future improvements to leaking.

My paper is almost entirely composed of the initial LeaksWiki articles. These are more easily viewed on LeaksWiki (and they will be more up-to-date there). Please feel free to add or edit pages on LeaksWiki. In fact, the success of LeaksWiki depends upon people adding more information. I hope to continue this project both with the addition of more LeaksWiki material on leaking organizations and their methods and by working with leaking organizations directly to help improve their leaking processes.

My final project and paper are available below for download. Also, thanks to my friend Marguerite for drawing the water drop part of the initial logo design on short notice.