Where are we at with CRONICAS DE HEROES/Hero Reports this year 2012

CRONICAS DE HEROES a civic platform of positivism which originally launched in Juarez, México during December 2010, http://juarez.cronicasdeheroes.mx where now more than 1,400 positive reports have been logged and mapped on out as well as images, sounds and concepts developed by the various plans/programs of the initiative is currently replicating its model in Monterrey, MEX http://mty.cronicasdeheroes.mx and Tijuana/San Diego, http://tj-sd.cronicasdeheroes.mx, officially launched in January 2012 and the first bi-national platform of the initiative. In the implementation of Cronicas de Heroes/ Hero Reports in that region we are collaborating with members of Woodbury University and CETYS University; several design and advertising materials were created -post cards, pins, stencils- as well as the following short animation made by a group of students from CETYS -10 WAYS TO BE A HERO- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U38E_9ZOxyU. Presently we are working with individuals from Veracruz, MEX in order to set up Cronicas de Heroes in that region.

From January through April the team of Cronicas de Heroes in Cd. Juarez mounted an exhibition in the airport of that city, this with the intention to fulfill several of our international objectives -Modify the existing image and narrative, showing the other side, the other story that also exists in the cities where Cronicas de Hereos is implemented http://www.diario.com.mx/notas.php?f=2012/01/11&id=48330ecfdfe209e9c8eab…

Additionally, the team of Cronicas de Heroes has been collaborating with LABORATORIO DE CONCIENCIA DIGITAL from Mexico City, http://www.laboratoriodeconcienciadigital.com, a company specialized in digital communications. Their team has been developing for the last couple months a dissemination strategy for the project while generating a cross-promotional model between social network platforms – facebook.com/CronicasdeHeroes, @cronicasdheroes.

Several workshops, talks have been imparted, in addition to conferences at important venues such EVAC—Espacio de Vinculacion—where the initiative was presented in Tijuana-San Diego border series talks organized by EVAC. Also, during the month of March, Cronicas de Heroes was part of a panel discussion -Experiences and Challenges of Civic Media Projects –in SXSW Interactive, Austin, TX http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_IAP11448

Currently we are working in the Inclusion of new applications on the websites of Cronicas de Hereos, SMS and MMS plus voice mail and blogs, this with support from the Center for Civic Media. These tools will be incorporated into a geo-location system that already exist on our websites. The new applications will encourage citizen participation, and provide access to digital technologies that are somewhat unfamiliar mainly resulting from lack of access.

CRONICAS DE HEROES is a team of volunteers, official promoters and local representatives who live in the different cities where the initiative is being implemented. We are a non-profit and work with the support of the community, contact us to be part of this initiative, to support by donating talent or funds, with questions, etc at info@cronicasdeheroes.mx.